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Trespa Cladding - Stunning For Decades

Trespa Cladding - Stunning Cladding For Decades

Pura® NFC by Trespa clads buildings in enduring elegance, maintaining its beauty and smooth surface in the face of the elements. The premium façade solution is designed to be as durable as a diamond, low maintenance and easily installed. The NFC in Pura® NFC stands for natural fibre core, as the high-pressure laminate is made of up to 70% natural fibres put through an advanced in-house developed manufacturing process. Its closed surface minimises dirt build-up and makes the siding easy to clean.

The tailored collection comes with everything needed to create an evenly hued façade, including installation clips, colour-matched profiles and fasteners. The rich natural-coloured palette of Pura® NFC Wood Decors has options to suit many architectural styles from rustic to elegant. Pura® NFC Lumen gently diffuses light for a modern or ethereal look. 

Pura® NFC is engineered to be used in a ventilated façade solution that’s easily installed. The system includes an air cavity in front of the load-bearing wall, allowing an airflow that prevents heat or moisture accumulation. The ventilation combines with resolute durability to help Pura® NFC withstand even challenging climates. The final product keeps buildings looking beautiful for decades.

  • Stop worrying about maintenance with Pura® NFC siding. Engineered for durability around a natural fibre core, it stands up to the weather with and offers no-fuss installation.
  • Pura® NFC by Trespa is durable as a diamond, so you don’t have to worry about maintenance. The siding is manufactured from natural fibres through cutting-edge engineering. It’s easily installed and never redone – until you want to!
  • Pura® NFC by Trespa isn’t just beautiful. The durability of engineered siding built around a natural fibre core means you have no worries. The closed surface prevents dirt from building up, making cleaning easy and infrequent. The ventilated façade solution is easily installed and keeps looking great.

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