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Door Linings & Frames

Door frames and door linings refer to external door frames and internal door frames respectively. Door linings tend to be thinner and manufactured from timber as they aren’t exposed to the elements and internal doors are lighter, thinner doors. Door frames are thicker external frames that are primed and manufactured to oppose the elements and remain sturdy. Available as accessory products to door frames are architrave sets, skirting boards and mullions too.

If you're looking for a door frame kit, you can find many different types available. This includes double door frame kits which can be ideal for those seeking a complete kit without trying to figure out how to combine single door frame kit systems. These can be anything from untreated to reversible and much more. Various wooden door frame solutions can be applied, including oak door frames. So it's important to consider the variety of doors and frames available to ensure that you have the right ones put together. Our door casings & linings are made from high-quality timber. Available in various sizes to fit any interior door space and tidy up edges.

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