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Water - Conservation, Heating & Waste

We’re used to water flowing freely in our homes in the UK, but to support a sustainable future we need to be looking at how we reduce water consumption.  Reducing consumption isn’t just good for the planet though, it’s good for your wallet too.

Government ambitions to reduce current guideline water usage from 140 litres per person per day to 110 litres mean that we all need to be thinking about how we achieve this.

Flow Restrictors - most new taps and showers come with these as standard.  However, check out our retrofit flow restrictors, which reduce the volume of water you use without impacting the effectiveness of the water to do what you need it to.

Rainwater Harvesting - Britain is known for its rain.  Rainwater harvesting systems offer an efficient way to capture, clean and filter rain and surface water for use in non-drinking applications.  Get in touch to ask about rainwater harvesting for your home.

Water Butts - a simple solution to collecting rain water from your roof for use on your garden.

Did you know that for every mm of limescale on your heating elements, for your immersion heater, boiler, or even kettle, you lose 10% of the efficiency of that heating element? 

Put another way, that means that you’ll need 10% more energy to heat the water to the temperature you want – which wastes energy ,and money. 

For those of you living in hard water areas a water conditioner offers a great solution to remove and prevent limescale build up, protecting your plumbing, and your wallet, without affecting the quality of the water.

Apart from space heating, water heating is the second most energy intensive activity that your home performs.  Head to our Heating pages to find out more about installing efficient low carbon water heating systems.

Talk to us about off-mains treatment solutions for your sewage.  We supply the very latest sewage package treatment plants which look to ensure that what leaves your home has the minimal impact on the environment. 

Marley Roofing Sustainability

"For close to a century, Marley has been tackling some of the key challenges of the day. From launching the UK's first dry fix roof systems back in 1975, being one of the first UK construction materials providers to achieve ISO 14001 environmental compliance, to launching the ground-breaking EcoLogic tile, which absorbs harmful NOx pollutants, and introducing the UK's first fully-integrated solar roof system in 2019.

As part of our journey, we continue to look forwards to where we can make a positive impact for future generations, addressing the environmental, social and economic challenges society faces today and in the future.

We care about the way we do things and are passionate about making a positive difference in all areas we operate. We realise we have more to do."

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