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Bradfords have been supplying RSJs to the building trade throughout the Southwest for generations.  Contact us today for a detailed quote tailored to the specific requirements of your project.  

What Are RSJs?

RSJ stands for rolled steel joist which is commonly used in construction.  They are manufactured from stell and designed to carry loads within the building structure.  They usually carry loads from ceilings, floors, and roofs.  Alternatively, they can be used to create an opening within the structure of the building e.g. a window or door.

What are the key charachterisitics of RSJs?

RSJ in an extensionRSJ in an extension

Strength & Easy Installation

Rolled steel provides high strength and durability. RSJs can be installed using bolts, welding, or other fastening methods.


RSJ in a building projectRSJ in a building project


RSJs are cost effective due to their strength to weight ration.  They are also durable over the long term.


RSJ being craned into positionRSJ being craned into position

Multiple Applications

RSJs can be installed in many building types including residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.  They can be used to support roofs, floors, and walls.  They can also be used in large infrastructure projects, like bridge construction  

RSJ fitted in a knocked through wallRSJ fitted in a knocked through wall