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How To Use Stonemarket Fast Jointing Compound

Jointing compounds are used outside on patios as a form of grout and provide the perfect finish for outdoor tiles, paving stones and slabs. Are you about to work on a project that will involve using a jointing compound? If so, you’re in the right place. 

Read on to learn how to use a jointing compound as part of your garden project; we’re here to help.

What Is Jointing Compound?

Fast point jointing compound is Stonemarket’s high performance pointing product for garden paving installations. 

It takes a fraction of the time of conventional pointing solutions, as it is simply brushed into the joints between slabs. It is also suitable for pointing almost all of Stonemarket’s paving ranges, even those that would be difficult to point with conventional systems.

What You Will Need

  • Garden water hose
  • Stonemarket Fast Point Jointing Compound
  • Stiff broom
  • Pointing iron

How To Use Jointing Compound

Now that you know what you will need, let’s have a look at the easy stages to using the Stonemarket Fast Point Jointing Compound…

1. Thoroughly wet the paving with a hose. It’s not possible to over wet the paving and joint areas, so don’t worry about how much you are covering the surface. Leave the paving for five minutes to allow for water absorption.

2.  Open the lid of the Fast Point tub and cut through the sealed bag inside.

3. Pour the pointing material out onto the paving and over the joints where possible.

4. Work the compound into the joints with a stiff brush or broom, ensuring that each joint void is full. Any excess material should be brushed off, or worked into joints with gaps.

5. Strike the joints with a pointing iron to allow for a smooth and professional finish, then leave to set for three days before adding any heavy garden furniture.


How Durable Is The Stonemarketing Jointing Compound?

It is a very durable product and cures to a frost and weed resistant finish.

How Long Does It Take The Fast Point Jointing Compound To Set?

Fast Point is fully load-bearing after three consecutive days of dry weather.

Can I Use This Jointing Compound In A Variety Of Weather Conditions?

Yes, unlike most pointing solutions, Fast Point can be used in all weather conditions. As this product can be used whatever the weather, there is no need to put your work on hold if the sun doesn’t make an appearance.

What Stonemarket Fast Point Products Are Available?

The Fast Point tubs are packed in 15kg tubs and come in a choice of three colours; black, buff and stone grey. 

We hope you found this guide useful in learning how to use the Stonemarket Fast Point Jointing Compound for grouting your outdoor garden patio, slabs or paving stone areas. Hopefully you are now feeling confident enough to complete your project to a professional finish.