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Glulam Beams

Bradfords has been supplying Glulam Beams to the construction industry for many years.  Our expert team will be happy to help you specify and source the perfect glulam beam for your project.  Get in touch today to find out how we can help you.  

What Are Glulam Beams?

Glulam beams are a type of engineered wood beam commonly used in construction. Glulam beams are created by bonding together layers of dimensioned lumber, usually softwood such as spruce, pine, or fir, using strong adhesive glues. These layers are arranged in a parallel orientation, and the grain direction of adjacent layers is typically oriented perpendicular to one another.  This construction is what gives Glulam Beams their name, Glulam is short for “Glued Laminated”.

Benefits of Glulam Beams

Strength.  Glulam beams are known for their exceptional strength and load-bearing capacity. They can carry heavy loads over long spans, making them suitable for a wide range of structural applications.

Versatility: Glulam beams are available in various sizes and shapes, allowing architects and builders to design unique and innovative structures. They can also be manufactured in straight or curved configurations to suit specific architectural requirements.  Because the construction allows for various timber lengths to be laminated together, it is possible to manufacture a Glulam Beam to almost any overall length.  

Stability: Glulam beams are less prone to warping, twisting, or shrinking compared to solid wood beams. The lamination process helps stabilize the wood by alternating grain patterns reducing the risk of dimensional changes over time.

Environmental Benefits: Glulam Beams are considered an environmentally friendly building material because they make efficient use of timber resources. By using smaller pieces of wood bonded together, they maximize the utilization of timber and reduce waste.

Aesthetic Appeal: Glulam beams can be used to create aesthetically pleasing and exposed wood structures in architectural designs. They are often chosen for their natural wood appearance and can be finished to enhance their visual appeal.

Fire Resistance: Glulam beams can be treated with fire-resistant coatings or materials to improve their fire resistance, making them suitable for various building code requirements.

Longevity: Properly maintained glulam beams can have a long service life, making them a durable choice for structural applications.

Lightweight: Despite their strength, glulam beams are relatively lightweight compared to traditional solid wood beams or steel beams. This can simplify transportation and installation.

Glulam beams are commonly used in the construction of various structures, including bridges, commercial buildings, sports facilities, residential homes, and even architectural features like exposed roof trusses. Their versatility, strength, and aesthetic qualities have made them a popular choice for architects and builders seeking both functional and visually appealing structural solutions.