With the built environment in the UK contributing some 40% of carbon emissions, the construction industry were on the agenda at COP26 in Glasgow last week.  For a good introduction to what the industry needs to do and is already doing, as well as the full recording of the sessions at COP26 itself, check out the video below.

Next Event Details

We are hoping to run our next event in May 2022 - watch this space for updates!


For our first event, we brought in a selection of speakers who addressed the topics of both retrofit to existing properties, and the challenges and opportunities regarding incorporating low carbon into new builds:


Phil Mason, Head of Regulatory Engagement at Trustmark

TrustMark is the Government Endorsed Quality Scheme covering work a consumer chooses to have carried out in or around their home. This includes all energy efficiency retrofit activities, and provides reassurance to those having work done that it will be conducted to appropriate standards. Phil will open with a short presentation to bring us up to speed on the government’s heat and buildings strategy and what that means for you – whether you’re a local authority, housing association, developer or tradesperson. In the wake of the close of COP 26, he’ll also highlight any key outtakes from the conference which affect us. Finally, he’ll outline the national retrofit strategy – the plan to improve the energy efficiency of some 28 million existing homes across the UK by 2040.


SERO (Optimised Retrofit Wales)

Optimised Retrofit is the organisation leading the charge across the border in Wales to deliver over 1700 retrofitted homes as a pathfinder scheme to understand the challenge better, and work in collaboration with over 60 partners to trial and refine the digital tools required to enable the decarbonisation of homes across Wales, as well as help build the skills and training needed to underpin this. Optimised Retrofit lead the way in the UK in this regard.  Andy will give us insight into the project, highlighting the challenges and learnings which we can all learn from as we look to build greener and be part of the South West’s retrofit programme.



Chris Woodfield, Future Plymouth 2030/Low Carbon Devon

Future Plymouth 2030 provides a forum focussed on the built environment aspiration for Plymouth in 2030. Regular webinars cover topics ranging from the practical skills and technologies required to design and build better performing new buildings, how to tackle retrofitting existing buildings, biodiversity and carbon sequestration to behaviour change required to achieve any of this. Low Carbon Devon is a Sustainable Earth Institute project designed to support Devon based organisations around the low carbon agenda. Organisations can access research and business support to support the aim for low carbon economic growth. Chris will present on the challenges that Devon, and specifically Plymouth, see regarding achieving a lower carbon built environment for the city and beyond by 2030, the approaches being taken to mitigate these, and provide insight into how developers will be part of this.



Tom Carr, Verto Homes

Verto Homes is a Truro-based developer who have spent 10 years honing their use of sustainable technology and materials to deliver zero carbon homes without harming the environment. Leaders in the UK of managing to scale this beyond bespoke one-off designs, their approach is catching the attention of national housebuilders as they begin to face the reality of achieving this at even greater scale. Tom will talk about how they incorporate low carbon into every aspect of their build and how this makes sense from not only an environmental perspective, but commercial too. Tom aims to dispel the fear around the barriers which stop people embracing a low carbon approach.