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Building Sustainably

Welcome to Bradfords Sustainability hub – our home to help you when it comes to  building with sustainability in mind, whether you’re looking to design out carbon from your self-build, decarbonise your existing heating system, retrofit for energy efficiency or reduce your water usage, or use environmentally less impactful products in your project.

For an overview of the basics of looking at your home or project with environmental sustainability in mind, check out our interactive tool above, or scroll down for links to more detail on the core topics that should be addressed to build with energy, water and heat efficiency in mind.  

This is a huge topic, complicated by evolving regulation, many different ways to solve the same challenges, and continual entry to the market of better and new products and materials.  If you can’t find the answer to your question here, please don’t hesitate to get in touch so we can address your specific enquiry.

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Sustainability Events

At Bradfords we understand the journey we all have to go on, and the scale of the transformation to the way in which we build to meet targets on decarbonisation, biodiversity, and environmental impact whilst making sure that what we do build is fit for communities into the future. 

We plan to hold two events per year bringing together speakers and building materials manufacturers who are leading the conversation.  We’re lucky to have a supply chain that is very supportive of this initiative. 

Do join us at the events, even if not in person, then online or watch them at your convenience afterwards and we hope that they engage, inspire and inform.