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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding our Bradvantage Scheme

How Often Is My Spend Updated?

Your rewards account is updated daily. You can view how close you are by visiting the ‘My Rewards’ page.

Who Can Earn Rewards With Bradvantage?

Any of our Bradfords customers who have an active Bradfords Trade Account (Cash or Credit account), can take Bradvantage and earn points with us (please note that Bradvantage is not open to retail/web trading customers).

I Definitely Spent Enough Last Week To Hit My Next Target, Why Hasn't My Qualifying Spend Changed?

Once Bradfords have received payment for your goods, this value will then be added to your Points Earned total. Rewards cannot be issued against purchases until the full balance of these purchases has been paid in full.

Any further queries regarding your Bradvantage points can be emailed directly to [email protected] (Monday to Thursday 9am – 5pm).

I Have More Than One Account, Can I Link Them?

Yes. When you register there is an opportunity to link multiple accounts e.g. if you hold a credit and cash account with Bradfords. If you open an additional account since your registration, please email [email protected] with the accounts you would like to link.

Your credit account will always be classed as the main account, therefore if you choose to have your reward to spend in Bradfords you will be credited the value on that account.

When Does The Bradvantage Loyalty Scheme Start & End?

The rewards scheme starts in January and ends 31st October 2022. The final redemption date will be in December 2021 to cover the final spend.

Your rewards spend will start from the month you register in. e.g. Register 20th February all spend from the 1st February will be included.

What Are The Rewards?

The choice is yours! You can either have your reward to spend in any Bradfords branch or you can be sent a Love2shop e-voucher.

Credit Account customers will be credited with their reward direct into their account and Cash Account customers will receive a unique Bradvantage code via email to spend in any of our branches.

How Do I Choose What Reward I Would Like?

If you’re a new customer you can choose the reward when you register.

If you’re an existing customer, simply head to your ‘My Details’ page. To help us fulfill your rewards as quickly as possible, make sure you’ve selected your preferred rewards by October 29th, 2022. You’ll need to select whether you want to redeem your rewards as Bradfords Credit or Love2shop. Your chosen reward method will be your reward for the upcoming year. To help us fulfill your rewards as quickly as possible, make sure you’ve selected your preferred rewards by October 29th, 2022

When Will I Receive My Reward?

We’ve taken the hassle out of redeeming. Instead, simply build up your points throughout the scheme and we’ll automatically send them straight to you in one lump sum in December. Plus, we will contact you to let you know the good news, there’s no need to lift a finger!

Please allow up to 14 working days to receive your reward. Bradfords Credit redemptions will be added directly onto your Bradfords Credit Account. If you have chosen a Love2shop reward it will be sent via an e-code by email (please ensure you check your spam/junk folder as this is sent from a Love2shop email address.

I’ve Lost My LOVE2SHOP Code, What Do I Do?

In the first instance please double check your spam folders to make sure it has filtered into this inbox.

If you still cannot find the email, please contact the Bradvantage Team via [email protected] (Opening Hours Monday to Thursday 9am – 5pm) to reissue your e-code.

Please let the reward team know immediately if you think this code may have been stolen.

When Do My Rewards Expire?

From the date you receive the e-code, you have 12 months to log onto the Love2shop portal and exchange the e-code for a reward.

Whatever you decide to exchange your code for (i.e. John Lewis voucher, Pizza Express, Ticketmaster voucher, Love2shop physical voucher), the expiry date on that item will then take over and apply. This will be down to that retailer and this will be down to you to spend this voucher within that time period.

The e-code will be sent to the email address you registered to the scheme with. This email will contain the expiry date and a link to the Love2shop Portal.

Bradvantage Gift Cards (Cash Account Customers only) will expire on 31st December 2023. Bradfords Credit applied to accounts will have no expiry date.

Bradfords will not take any responsibility for ANY codes/cards that have expired. It is your responsibility to exchange the code for rewards and spend your rewards within the time limit.

Am I Able To Rollover My Rewards?

Rewards are not rolled over from scheme to scheme year.

How Do I Change My Account Details That I Registered With?

Should you wish to change the account details please visit My details page.

What Is E-billing And Can I Return To Paper Billing If I Wish?

Ebilling is a service we offer customers; all customer invoices are sent electronically direct to your inbox meaning you receive them quicker and more efficiently. As part of the T&C’s if after 3 months you haven’t benefited from e-billing and prefer paper-based billing simply call 01404 540916 to change back and you will still remain on the Bradvantage Scheme.

What Do Bonus Points Mean?

We’ll give you ‘Bonus Points’ as a little treat every now and then throughout the scheme. ‘Bonus Points’ is not a reward amount, but instead boosts your Qualifying Points total by the amount given.

For example, if we gave you 50 Bonus Points, you’ll be 50 points closer to the next reward level.

Where Can I Spend My LOVE2SHOP E-code?

If you choose Love2shop Rewards, you’ll have access to a huge retail library with a great selection of brands to choose from. View the full list here.

Remember, Love2shop Rewards will be send as a digital e-code via the email your Bradvantage account is registered with.