May 11, 2018

The countdown to the end of our incredible Spring Deals has officially begun. Sadly, all good things must come to an end. However, the end of Spring means Summer is within touching distance. And with Summer comes an increase of optimistic DIY-ers with the mission of an outdoor improvement project.

So, there really is no better time to take advantage of these unbelievable prices. And if you don’t – you are seriously missing out!

A popular outdoor project that can fully transform a property is laying a patio. Bradfords offer a fantastic range of convenient patio project packs in a collection of styles and designs to suit every taste. We use trusted supplier, Stonemarket, ensuring all our range is the highest standard of quality as well as being ethically sourced. We are also offering FREE DELIVERY on the majority of our patio project packs in our spring deals, yes FREE delivery. But if you still can’t make up your mind, we can help.

We’ve answered some of our most frequently asked questions on our products with the help of our experienced staff.

1). What is the most wallet friendly option?

Our cheapest project pack is Kota Limestone Blue. This is because it is generally the cheapest to source due to how common it is. This attractive paving has a softer appearance compared to those made from Sandstone.


2). What is the most natural looking stone?

Marketstone. These slabs come in natural sandstone hues and give a super stylish look!

Similarly, Truslate paving offers a natural look. The texture is slightly smoother than Marketstone due to it being made from slate although it keeps a rustic texture. This comes down to personal preference.

We have Marketstone and Truslate project packs available in a selection of colour shades.


3). What is the most popular paving look and why?

The most popular by far is Marketstone. As stated above, this paving is made from Sandstone and provides an attractive, natural look. It comes in a selection of shades such as yellow and grey which compliment most houses nicely. This is something a lot of customers ask about when deciding on which to buy!

There is a definite current trend for natural looking paving as opposed to a more contemporary look.


4). What stone gives the most contemporary look?

Limestone or Arctic Granite. This is primarily due to the texture and colours that each of these paving come in. Darker colours like grey and black are typical of a contemporary design look.

Our Arctic Granite project packs come in an array of dark but modern colour tones with a subtle texture. This gives a sleek, stylish finish.


5). What stone would best suit my brick house?

The colour tones of Marketstone work well with natural brick and stone houses, although all our packs look great too! There are many variations of brick houses so the best idea is to compare a few and see which looks best. It comes down to personal taste a lot.


6). What is the most durable?

All of our paving is very durable, coming from a quality supplier. But to be specific – any of the Granite options would probably be the winner. Truslate would be in close second place. Saying that, all products would still need maintenance here and there as all-natural paving would.


We hope this informed you a bit more on our fantastic range of paving project packs. Be sure to ask any of our knowledgeable staff for any further questions you may have! For more inspiration on patio’s and paving head over to our Pinterest page

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