Transform any space with The Provincial Plank

November 1, 2018

Bring a touch of Autumn into your space with a Provincial Plank feature wall. Exclusive to the UK, the Canadian sourced hardwood made from a variety of maple, oak, ash and cherry blends its colour to emit a rustic elegance to any room. Primarily used as an interior accent wall, the Provincial Planks’ natural, outdoor flair is limitless; from bedrooms, to kitchens and offices, the choice is yours.

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Despite its easy installation, there are some important elements you’ll need to remember when installing your Provincial Plank, which this blog post will run through.

Things you’ll need:

The slats

There are 8 slats per box, each of which are identical in length and feature 5 colours to the same ratio. Each face is different in texture, granting further variety in your chosen design. Suggested designs include: staggered, offset staggered, herringbone, diagonal and random. For this guide, we’re going to focus on a staggered design.


how to install

You’ll need to give your chosen wall a lick of black or dark paint – this is due to their square edge shape which enables you to see between each slat. The slats will also expand slightly after installation – this is normal and expected due to its natural source. In fact, slight gaps are encouraged and will only enhance the rustic look if paired with a dark backdrop, as a light colour can be too distracting.

Remember to prepare your wall prior to painting by removing any nails or protrusions.

Apply plenty of adhesive in an ‘S’ pattern down the board of your first slat. Fix the slat against the wall, making sure to wiggle slightly to spread the glue. Using your nail gun, nail 2 or 3 times across the board to hold in place as the glue begins to set. Measure and cut your next slat and repeat the process until your wall is complete!


Watch the video from Provincial Plank –