April 6, 2018

The winter months can be harsh on your garden, leaving it looking grey and lifeless. So, there is no better time than Spring to give your outside area a well needed makeover. Laying a patio brings an abundance of benefits to your property including structural design and functionality. We want to help you make the most of your outdoor space and highlight why a patio could be just what your property needs! And if you need more of an excuse to install a patio, we currently have unbeatable deals on paving in our Spring Sale

In this blog post, we’ll run through the top reasons to lay a patio, all the equipment and materials you’ll need and step by step instructions on how to get the job done!


No matter the size of your garden, a patio is a fantastic way of offering clean and structural space. Compared to a lawn, paving stones give the feel of an extension of your home, allowing it to become a more comfortable entertaining area. The colour of the paving stones can also affect the illusion of space. Opt for lighter coloured stone to brighten and open up a smaller area.

Once the paving has been installed, it will provide a base for garden furniture that may not be appropriate on a lawn or gravel such as barbecues, tables and chairs. This in turn gives you more options for garden accessories, especially for al-fresco dining in the summer months. Socialising outside with family and friends is made easy Paving is also extremely popular as an alternative to a front garden. Increasing the paving outside of your home creates space for cars


As well as the décor that goes onto the finished installation, the paving itself can boast intricate design and aesthetics. Our range of paving come in various designs, sure to suit every personal taste. Choose between a natural stone look, black limestone for a more contemporary feel, or somewhere in between with Sagar Black Sandstone.

How you choose to lay your patio is completely up to you. There is no right or wrong way and you can be as creative as your space allows you. With the benefit of single stone slabs, the versatility of paving allows for an abundance of design ideas. And if your garden already has features such as flower beds, steps or a pond, just simply lay around them.

What you’ll need

Tools & Equipment Materials Safety
Tape Measure, Spirit Level Paving Slabs Gloves
Wooden Pegs Sharpe sand or Ballast Dust Mask
Folding Square Cement Safety Goggles
Hammer/Mallet Building Sand Ear Defenders
Spade Straight Edge timber Knee Pads
Plate compactor (available from Bradfords Tool Hire!)
Mixing Tray/Cement Mixer
Angle Grinder

*Please note, not all of the above products are included in the spring sale! 

How to install your patio?

For step by step instructions (courtesy of Stonemarket) on how to install our patio project packs, block paving and much more, use the comprehensive guide below. Simply check the the name of the range you’d like to use (e.g. Truslate, Arctic Granite or Fortuna) against the surface or bed you’d like to lay on (e.g. full mortar bed). The number where the two meet will indicate the instructions you need to lay your patio, driveway or path!


The Basics of Patio Cleaning

No matter how well your patio has been laid and how high the quality of materials you use, you’ll still need to treat it with plenty of love in order to keep it looking its best. That doesn’t just mean regular cleaning, it also involves maintenance work that will prevent damage and prolong your patio’s life.

Weeds can be the bane of patio owners’ lives: not only do they spoil the look of a paved area, but they can also cause damage. Whatever type of patio you’ve built, weeds are likely to grow: there’s no type of paving that is guaranteed to be weed-free.

Regular sweeping of your patio can get rid of any seeds before they start to grow, while weed killers that have been designed specifically for use on paths and patios will prevent discolouration of your paving slabs and won’t attack any surrounding plants that you want to keep. Finally, avoid using a jet wash – this is a very abrasive method of cleaning and can take the face off a lot of paving slabs. Stick to using a mild cleaning solution and a brush!

We stock a variety of great value products, perfect for patio maintenance! Check them out here.


For more more inspiration on patios, paving, decking and much more, checkout our Pinterest Page!

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