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Discover Our Dulux Heritage Paint range

Discover Our Dulux Heritage Paint range
30 March 2022

Discover Our Dulux Heritage Paint range

Introducing The Heritage By Dulux Range

At Bradfords, providing high-quality and professional standard products are at the core of our product offering. That’s why we’re proud to bring the Dulux Heritage paint range to our customers.

For 90 years, Dulux has stood for durable luxury and has a great reputation for making quality paint. The Heritage range really encapsulates the proud history of the brand with each colour having a story to tell, which will help you to tell a story in your or your client’s home.

It has been formulated to contain finely ground particles which allows for a velvety feel, at the same time as a matte finish.

What Makes Dulux Heritage Unique?

Dulux Heritage is a unique collection of timeless, luxurious colours which resemble periods in British design history. Each tin of Dulux paint contains the finest ingredients, so that those who chose to paint their walls with Dulux are building a home they are proud of.

Dulux Heritage

With a great mix of traditional and modern design in mind, the Heritage collection is crafted by Dulux colour professionals and innovators. The range brings a timeless and luxury colour palette like no other, whilst also being durable enough to meet the demands of busy, modern life.

Dulux Heritage Colours & Finish.

In total, the Dulux Heritage range contains 112 durable colours, which are inspired by the past and combined with contemporary trends, to make everyday homes extraordinary.

There are lots of on trend colours within the colour palette, making the range suitable for many styles and homes. Whether you would like your space to feel dark and dramatic or light and airy, there are lots of colour combinations for you to discover.

What really makes the Heritage colours special, is that every hue is rich in timeless British design Heritage, from the Oxford Blue to Cherry Truffle. Whichever trend or look you are trying to achieve in a room, you will certainly find a suitable paint colour within the Dulux Heritage range.

‘DH Oxford Blue’ is a really popular colour from the range, which has very rich and velvety tones. This makes it an ideal shade for a modern home office.

Oxford Blue

‘Waxed Khaki’ is also a popular choice which captures the great outdoors and yet provides a sense of relaxed tranquility when painted on the walls of homes. For a more pastel tone, the colour ‘Potters pink’ brings light and airyness into a room which feels like you have been transported to an Edwardian cottage garden, where the flowers are in full bloom, like a breath of fresh air.

Potters Pink

A Professional Quality Application & Finish

Renowned for their technical and colour expertise, Dulux Heritage paints not only come in a wide selection of colours, they are also designed to stand the test of time. There are two formulations which both provide amazing applications and a professional quality finish; Heritage Eggshell and Heritage Velvet Matte.

Velvet Matt is an emulsion formulated with premium quality pigments, providing excellent depth of colour and specially blended clays for an easy application. Essentially, your walls will have a premium feel, with the durability typical of a Dulux paint and the ability to wipe away everyday stains and spills.

Eggshell has a stunningly smooth finish on wood and metalwork. This means that you can count on Heritage to complete your entire project, without leaving parts of the room unpainted or painted in an alternative colour.

Both formulas are made with premium quality pigments that guarantee excellent depth of colour and are expertly blended for an effortless application and finish.

The Range For Style & Substance

With a fantastic range of pale, mid and deep tones, you have the scope to create almost any mood or setting when decorating your room. The beautiful range of whites also help to compliment other hues and can provide a more neutral touch if needed.

Heritage has beautiful colours and fantastic history; providing extraordinary paint for everyday life. If you are looking for rich colours with a luxurious finish, the Dulux Heritage range is a great range to consider for your decorating project.

Dulux Heritage Range

We would love to see any projects where you have used paint from the Dulux Heritage range, so please tag us in any social media posts showing your finished result using @BradfordsBuild on Facebook, @bradfords_building_supplies on Instagram, or bradfords-building-supplies-ltd on LinkedIn.

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