Raised Patio Garden

7 Unique Garden Ideas

July 9, 2019

Fancy sprucing up your garden? We can help you there! With our 7 unique garden ideas, we’ll provide inspiration suitable for a variety of outdoor spaces. If you want your garden to look interesting without too much hassle, we have a range of low maintenance garden ideas for you. Have a small garden? Don’t fear. You can still make the most of your outdoor space with our water feature suggestions and small country garden ideas. Read on to discover all of our other unique garden ideas and tips!


1. Low Maintenance Garden Ideas

If you’re tight on time, there are still plenty of ways to create a unique outdoor space. Here are some of our top low maintenance garden ideas:

  • Decking. For a neat yet interesting garden feature, why not add some decking? Only needing light maintenance once or twice a year, it’s a great option for those who don’t have hours to spend weeding!
  • Experiment with levels. You may want to keep maintenance to a minimum, but you’ll still want your garden to look interesting. With a combination of raised decking and patio slabs, you can create an eye-catching outdoor area, perfect for relaxing in the summer months.
  • Use stone in flower beds. Ideal for low maintenance gardens because you never have to replace it, use pebbles or crushed stone in your beds. Available in a variety of colours and sizes, you can make your garden unique without effort.


2. Garden Patio Design Ideas

Another low maintenance yet effective unique garden idea is installing a patio. What’s great about a patio is that you can tailor it to suit your tastes and requirements. For example, choose from a variety of textures, colours and sizes to achieve the finish you’re after. A few of our garden patio design ideas include:

  • Social spaces. A good use for your patio is to make it a place where people can gather and be sociable. Utilise the space with seating such as benches or an outdoor sofa, and create a focal point with a table or a firepit.
  • Take your living space outdoors. If you have it available to you, create a seamless connection between the inside and the outside of your house by using similar floor tiles on the same level. Add some homely accessories like outdoor cushions and rugs for summer evenings with guests.
  • Elevated patio. As mentioned previously, having a raised patio can add another dimension to your garden.


3. Small Country Garden Ideas

If you live out in the sticks and need some inspiration, there’s a good chance you’ll want to hear our small country garden ideas. Here are some of our unique garden ideas for smaller, rustic outdoor spaces:

  • Flowers. If you’re going for a real country cottage style, one of the best techniques is to make your garden full to the brim with flowers. Make sure you’ve got plenty of beds and borders that you can fill with colourful blooms! Consider using sleepers for something a little different.
  • Garden structures. Another way to give your country garden a makeover is to add a garden structure – and we’re not just talking about sheds here. For a real rustic feel, try adding a pergola and train some woody vines to grow around it.
  • Timber gates. Create a secret garden with wild flowers and timber gates, perfect for making it feel like an outdoor room.


4. Water Feature Ideas For Small Gardens

If your garden is a bit on the small side but you want to make an impact, why not add a water feature? With a variety of different techniques and styles, here are some of our top water feature ideas for small gardens:

  • Plant pot water fountain. Simple and easy to construct but great for adding interest, try creating your own plant pot water feature. Just get yourself a couple of large plant pots, some stones for decorations, a PVC pipe, 2 large pot saucers and a pond pump – then you’re good to go!
  • Bird bath fountain. Great for bringing wildlife into the garden, why not add a bird bath fountain to your garden? Not only will it add interest, it’ll keep the birds happy too!
  • Mini water garden. For a real oriental piece, try creating a mini water garden! Ideal for small gardens due to their miniature size, grab yourself a container, potting soil, pea gravel and water plants then you’re good to get started!


5. Front Garden Ideas With Driveway

Looking for some low maintenance front garden ideas with a driveway? We’d recommend getting creative with your block paving! Here are some of the ways you can make your driveway unique:

  • Experiment with colour. Depending on your style preferences, you could opt for something sleek like a slate grey colour or go for something brighter like a bold red.
  • Make the most of your space. If you’re looking for something low maintenance, try paving all of your front garden. It’ll maximise room for cars and hugely reduce time spent weeding.
  • Get creative with designs. With an imprinted concrete driveway, you can achieve an effortless yet unique front garden. Perfect if you have more than one car and are looking for long-lasting durability. Choose a pattern imprinted driveway.


6. Garden Design Ideas With Stones

Landscaping with stones is one of the most popular options when renovating your garden. Thanks to their versatility, simple design and low maintenance, it’s easy to use stones in your garden to create something tailored to your taste. So to give you some inspiration, here’s a list of different garden design ideas with stones:

  • Be inspired by other countries. Turn your garden into an oriental paradise by simply using decorative aggregates (incorporate water for an even more Japanese feel!).
  • Experiment with sizes. To get a really unique garden design, get creative with different sized stones. Use larger stones around a cluster of colourful flowers for a neat and eye catching feature.
  • Stone walkway. Bring an element of rustic country living to your garden by laying down stepping stones in your garden. Whether they’re leading to your front door or your shed, stone walkways are as practical as they are idyllic.


7. Sensory Garden Ideas

Sensory gardens are great if you want to make the most of your outdoor space. Incorporate a variety of different smells, colours, sounds and textures to get the biggest impact on your senses. Some of our top sensory garden ideas include:

  • Embrace colour. Add a variety of plants, flowers and furniture in a range of different colours. We’d recommend using foliage that will change colour throughout the seasons, like hydrangeas, maple trees and sedums.
  • Enhance smells. One of the best sensory garden ideas is to use plants and flowers with strong scents. For a delicate look but a sweet smell, try growing some honeysuckle over a fence or a trellis. For an added element of relaxation, grow lavender (just make sure they’re in a spot where they’ll get plenty of sun).
  • Add different textures. It’s easy to add a range of different textures to your garden. From cold, damp moss to the soft leaved lamb’s ear, creating a garden that you can enjoy touching is great for a sensory garden – especially for kids!

Now you’ve read our top 7 unique garden ideas, you should be feeling ready to get creative with your own! Just make sure you have all the garden and landscaping tools and equipment you need before you start digging.