DIY Planters

10 unique DIY planters

May 28, 2020

Are you looking to showcase those flowers this summer?  We have found 10 unique planters that are easy to do and will bring your garden to life.

Wall Planter

A Cedar Wall Planter, one that is sure to make the exterior of any home look fantastic.

Wall planters like this can be changed to have as many rows as you desire and thanks to the Rogue Engineer you can see the full guide on creating this planter here.

Cedar Wall Planter

Rogue_engineer instagram

Alphabetical Planters

Are you feeling creative? This one is similar to the wall planter above with the angled rows of wood where the flowers would sit. With this unique planter, the angled rows are attached to an alphabetical shaped backing and then a full surround is added.

Alphabetical Planter

Friesenoutdoordecor instagram

This may look like a complicated project to undertake but we think you’ll be surprised at how easy this is. See the break down steps here –


Curved Planter Box

Don’t just settle for standard rectangular or square planters. Why not try curved planters? This is a fantastic example from IJL Groundcare using contemporary landscape sleepers from Bradfords.

Curved planters would work great for following paving or patio designs and it is something a little different that stands out.

Curved Planters

Ijl_groundcare instagram

Hanging Planters

This is one DIY planter that you can get inventive with, from the design, shape & size.

With hanging planters you can work from singular planks and creating simple square planters or create something a little bit more time consuming with other shapes such as hexagonal and using multiple layers of wood.

Hanging Planter


House Number Planters

 Does your home need that curb appeal? Brighten up your doorstep with a simple house number flower planter.

Door Number Planter

Kthohn instagram

This one is very simple; With a larger cut of wood for the back and two sides, a front piece and a base for the box.

Remember to add drain holes to the base to avoid the wood rotting and to keep your plants alive for longer.

Create your box first with wood adhesive and a nail gun. You can then attach the box to the back plank of wood by nailing from the back.

We recommend using sawdust or wood filler to cover the nail holes

Trace around your door numbers and their whole placements and drill out the holes in the back plank.

You can then stain or lacquer the wood.  And once dry you can fix your numbers in place.

Ladder Planters

Ladder planters, a creative and fun planter that can be used as an alternative to a wall planter or can be presented against a shed, an outhouse, the garage or sturdy fencing.

Ladder Planter

Demeyerwoodcrafts Instagram

Planter Steps

Planter steps you can incorperate into a decking or have it separate that you can place against a raised patio or other areas.

Another planter that can be used in similar areas and can be made in a similar way is a seated bench planter.

Steps Planter

Deck Board Planters

Make your planters part of your decking.  This is not only simple but also resourceful. You may have recently completed your decking and now have deck boards left over? Well use those spare cuts to create your planters that you can place anywhere on your decking or you can fix them in place.

Decking Planter

KitKatsGarden Instagram

If you want to go further with this you can raise the planters by adding legs with batten and supporting sections between each leg for stability and to avoid the planter twisting.  

Paving Slab Planters

Spare paving slabs? No problem.

Much like the decking board planters this planter is resourceful and would fit in with that new patio.

Paving Planter

With some timber and multi purpose screws you can build the timber frame and use strong adhesive to fix the paving slabs in place on each side.

To keep the slab as tight as possible to the frame we would recommend applying the lengths of wood the to slabs first with adhesive and then use the screws to reinforce it and construct the planter.

Tiered Planters

Tiered planters are versatile and can be created in different ways. Planters can be tiered in the form of steps, 4 tiered boxes, tiered standing planters or even corner tiered planters. This is where you can be creative to make planters in the style that you want for your garden. 


If you are currently working or spending time at home, you may feel that you need to get that garden done and we hope that these 10 unique ideas will get you inspired.
If you’re at the stage where you need materials please view our website, as we have a fantastic range of products to create a variety of flower planters and other landscaping features.