The pitfalls of winter


The picturesque frosty landscapes, sipping on hot chocolate and enjoying a tasty Sunday roast are some of the finer things in winter, but quite often the winter months can really bite you like a hard frost.

Winter is coming

Just as Ned Stark warned in Game of Thrones, it looks like winter is finally coming after one of the mildest winters on record. With temperatures set to drop, could we even see some snowfall?

Who knows, maybe the weatherman may get it right! Whatever the weather, Bradfords can help you prepare. We have a huge range of heaters for hire, suitable for every site and workplace to keep you working, whatever the weather. 

Our Tool Hire branches stock 3kw up to 17kw units for the smallest of rooms to warehouses from leading manufacturers. Our Master XL6 Infrared heater is packed with tech for outstanding heat output, mobility and efficiency. It comes fully tested and we can even deliver to site.

The Master XL6 is available to hire from Bradfords

The Master XL6 is available to hire from Bradfords from as little as £65 per week

If disaster strikes…

If you have ever been hit by a flood from the wet weather or have had a burst pipe, you know of the damage and upheaval it can cause. Drying out your home or premises is a key task of the drying out process. 

When you have been hit by a flood a dehumidifier will speed up the drying process and reduce the risk of further damage, preventing the spread of germs and bacteria in the moisture. 

Our dehumidifier can extract up to 30l of moisture in 24 hours and is available on a week hire for as little as £78.

The Master XL6 is available to hire from Bradfords

A flooded home in Cornwall, picture courtesy of Daily Mail 

Old age problem of damp and mould
The winter months bring the age old problem of damp and mould appearing in properties. The cold weather brings an increased build-up of condensation on walls due to poor ventilation. This can cause damp and mould patches to appear in properties and an adverse effect on people’s health. 


Preventing damp and mould

To help remove the problem, drying out the property via a dehumidifier will remove all the moisture from the air in your home and prevent further damage. Then you can look at making the following improvements.

  • A Karcher Window Vac available from our Tool Centre will help you remove condensation from your windows.
  • The best cure is with better ventilation, however certain home designs it’s not possible and if you don’t have a fan in your bathroom or kitchen you should consider installing them as these two rooms create the most moisture in the home. 
  • Keeping your heating on constantly at a lower heat is better than having it off and then high. You can supplement your heating with portable heaters. If you only want these heaters for extreme cases or if you’re boiler breaks, consider hiring them.
  • Cold spots on walls increase the amount of condensation, so think about improving your property’s insulation with cavity wall insulation. This will also help your home become more energy efficient and save money on your heating costs in the long run.

‘There are not enough hours in the day’

Site lights available to hire from Bradfords

The majority of people will agree one of the worst things about winter is the short daylight days. The phrase ‘there are not enough hours in the day’ applies even more so, especially if you’ve finished a day at work and then want to carry out a few DIY projects in the evening.

Site lights can extend your working day and are handy whether you are on site or at home in the garage or workshop. Bradfords has a great range to choose from whether you want to be on the move or set up a tripod. We even have specialist lights such as ‘Plasterers Light’ designed to cast minimal shadow and LED site lights. These products are available to purchase and to hire.
Bradfords can help with your winter weather preparation. Take a look at our website and Tool Hire catalogue to make sure you are not beaten by the cold.