MDF Skirting & Architraves

MDF skirting boards and architraves are a great way to add a decorate finish to any room in your home. They serve not only to help achieve a stylish look, by creating a seamless joint between all of your walls and ceilings, but can also help to protect your walls from wear and tear.  

MDF is a manmade material consisting of compressed fibres that make it both cost-effective and durable. In essence, MDF skirting and architraves can achieve a stunning decorative finish, without the expensive price tag!

An additional bonus is that they are resistant to warping and swelling so a perfect, low maintenance option as well for home owners.

Our great range of MDF skirting and architrave includes everything from Bullnosed Architrave, to Torus Skirting. So whatever look you are trying to achieve, here at Bradfords Building Supplies we are sure to have the perfect product for you. 

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