Create a stunning feature in your home with our range of woodburners


Which wood burner is right for me?

Our woodburners have the capability of burning well seasoned wood efficiently, but the majority of models are also 'Multi-fuel' which means they are capable of burning coal and smokeless fuels. Please refer to the technichal specification of the stove for compatable fuels.

What size wood burning stove do I need?

Selecting the correct kw output is very important to provide your home with the warmth you expect, however oversizing the stove will lead to uncomfortable temperatures and waste of fuel usuage.

In order to calculate what size wood burning  stove for a room, measure the width, length and height of your room and then multiply the three measurements together, i.e. width 4m x length 8m x height 2.8m = 89.6 cubic metres (room volume). If your room or house is new build and fitted with very good insulation then divide the room volume by 25. If the room has average to good insulation then divide the volume by 15. If the insulation is poor or non existent, then divide the rooms volume by 10. If in doubt use 15.

Can I heat my home from my stove?

A stove with a backboiler can be used to provide central heating and hot water. This is becoming a popular option as firewood is a secure and relatively cheap form of fuel and can reduce your households CO2 emissions. If you need a stove to run your homes central heating systems we recommend contacting a HETAS approved heating engineer see our FAQ's for more detail.

I  live in a smoke controlled area, can I still have a woodburner?

A lot of towns and cities are smoke controlled areas, meaning you will need to get a Defra (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) exempt stove or only burn smokeless fuels, such as anthracite, on a multi-fuel stove. Check the Defra website to find out more, including an approved list of smokeless fuels.