Bespoke Renewable Energy Packages

Bespoke Renewable Energy Packages

Renewable energy is becoming more and more important in many aspects of our lives, but introducing it into your home or business may seem daunting. The Renewable Heat Incentive that is currently being offered by the government is a great way to get money back from your long term investment immediately, but making sure you fulfil the requirements and meet Microgeneration Certification Scheme can create some hurdles.

In partnership with IBD Distribution, Bradfords are now offering a bespoke design service for domestic and non-domestic markets to ensure that the systems we supply are MCS compliant. We can help you fit renewable energy systems into your home, offering the total package from start to finish, excluding the installation.

We cover all areas of renewable energy products, from ground source heat pumps to solar energy and can provide site visits and detailed step by step installation guides and diagrams. In order for us to provide a quotation we require architectural drawings and a small amount of additional information. Within 5 working days we will be able to return to you a quote including overviews of the system complete with specification and performance sheets included.

For more information on the technologies and products we use, please see the links below;

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Mechanical Heat Recovery and Ventilation

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