We Know Waterproofing – The Enviroflex™ Way

Its environmentally friendly, its user friendly and its regulation friendly; it’s everything you need to waterproof your roof: it’s Enviroflex™.

In the first of a series of articles concerning airtightness in the building regulations we take a look at some of the most innovative and sustainable products offered by roofing industry market leader, Icopal. 

Enviroflex Completed Roof Project

How do you solve a problem like moisture?

With a simple product range that can be layered to create a waterproof membrane! 

Each layer has been designed for simplicity and effectiveness: 
  • Enviroflex™ Primers improve adhesion of the waterproofing system to the substrate 
  • Enviroflex™ Waterproof Coating is a single component, fast curing liquid waterproof coating, which is applied in a “wet-on-wet” application 
  • Enviroflex™ Reinforcing Fabric regulates coating thickness, and provides the system with its strength and robustness 
  • Enviroflex™ Walkway System provides a durable hard wearing anti-skid surface, which protects the waterproofing from regular access pedestrian foot traffic 
  • Enviroflex™ Coating is applied as a base resin layer and 
  • Enviroflex™ Quartz is broadcast into the coating to provide the anti-skid surfacing 
  • Enviroflex™ Clear Coat to provide a final encapsulation and UV protection layer above the embedded quartz" 
The Solution

The solution to both meeting legislative requirements and beating the challenges of liquid applied waterproofing systems is simple; Enviroflex™.

Enviroflex™ has been developed with these attributes in mind to produce a membrane which is considerate to the needs of the installer.

Enviroflex™ is:
  • Completely Solvent Free
  • Uses re-sealable lids
  • Very low/no odour
  • Fast curing
  • “Wet-on-wet” application
  • Usable at low temperature
Enviroflex™ is an extremely versatile product which can be used for flat roof applications of all shapes and sizes, ranging from small domestic to large commercial projects.

Installed directly to new timber or existing waterproofing systems, Enviroflex™ cures to form a completely seamless, durable and flexible surface that can tolerate minor building movement and foot traffic.

No accelerants or inhibitors are required to aid the curing process – the coating is applied directly from the tin.

Simplicity Leads to Savings

Enviroflex Products
Opened tins of coating or primer can be resealed allowing unused material to be utilised at a later date – Enviroflex™ is the ideal product to have in the van should a problem leak require an emergency repair!

The elimination of hot works can substantially reduce the contractor’s insurance costs. 

As a further benefit, Enviroflex™ is manufactured completely solvent free and does not contain any volatile organic compounds. The result of this innovation impacts directly on the user as there is no risk associated with unpleasant odours that can make installation uncomfortable for the installer and the client.

For more information about Enviroflex Systems and how they can save you time and money on your next project please contact our Key Accounts Team on 01935 845220 or email bbskeyaccounts@bradfords.co.uk.