Egger launches new OSB HDX Panel

Egger has launched OSB HDX a brand new heavy duty, load bearing OSB4 panel suitable for use in humid environments. It replaces Egger’s 38mm HDX Chipboard and is the ideal solution for heavy duty load bearing environments such as mezzanine flooring, racking, shelving, working platforms and decking, where P5 or P6 38mm particleboard would typically be used. 

Due to the low swelling properties of EGGER OSB HDX it is less likely than P6 to pick up moisture which can lead to uneven floors.

Egger OSB HDX Panel

Is it easy to lay?

It is laid the same way as 38mm particleboard. However, due to only being 30mm thick, EGGER OSB HDX is around 20% lighter.

That’s despite being wider than the typical particleboard panel (675mm as opposed to the usual 600mm)
A lighter, wider board means that it is easier to manoeuvre and quicker to lay.

Does a thinner board compromise its technical properties?

 On the contrary, 30mm EGGER OSB HDX actually outperforms 38mm particleboard for:
  • Higher point loads and UDL's 
  • Stronger and stiffer
  • Around 20% lighter
  • Quicker to lay
Therefore potentially floors could be designed to take higher loads, or use fewer joists, providing the opportunity for significant savings.

The table below shows the difference between Egger OSB HDX and P6 38mm chipboard;

Properties  EGGER OSB HDX (30mm) P6 38mm Chipboard
Bending strength 25 N/mm² 15.8 N/mm²
Modules of Elasticity (Stiffness) 7000 N/mm² 2770 N/mm²
Safe long term point load over 600mm 5.4 KN 4.7 KN
Safe long term point load over 800mm 4.4 KN 4.0 KN
Safe long term UDL over 600mm 27.8 KN/M² 17.7 KN/M²
Safe long term UDL over 800mm 15.6 KN/M² 7.5 KN/M²

For more information about Egger OSB HDX please contact our Key Accounts Team on 01935 845220 or  email