Decra® – the lightweight roofing system

This month we’ve been really impressed with the Decra roofing system. The system offers solutions for any structure prone to vandalism due to its inherent strength, combined with a locking installation design. This results in a roof which is highly resistant to vandalism or forced entry, making Decra the ideal choice for commercial properties and buildings which are often unoccupied such as community centre or schools.

Decra is the only UK roofing manufacturer to win Secured by Design accreditation from the Association of Chief Police Officers for the Decra Plus system, which features enhanced security fittings and a specialised installation method….

  • Decra – the lightweight roofing system
  • For all applications and locations, whether new build or refurbishment, residential or commercial, urban or rural – think Decra®.
  • Decra by Icopal assures quality, elegance, and a 40 year guarantee to your build. Never compromise, always Decra®.
St Joseph's Church, Kirby, Liverpool completed project

Why Decra?

Decra roof tiles are lightweight and feature a steel core which increases strength while keeping weight at only 6.8kg/m2. Each tile weighs one seventh of the clay or concrete alternative, making them easier to transport, handle and install.

The lightweight and interlocking design of Decra tiles means that they are fast, easy and safe to install, requiring fewer fixings and fewer trips up the ladder.

Decra tiles are exceptionally durable and offer superior weather protection so maintenance costs are minimal during the lifetime of the installation. They carry a 40 year guarantee, so a Decra roof will not need to be replaced during the typical lifetime of a building.

For Refurb or New Build

Decra roof systems are ideal for refurbishment projects as they can be directly installed over existing roof coverings such as asbestos or corrugated bitumen shingles, saving installation time and reducing costs. 

The range of finishes makes it easy to find a Decra tile which matches adjacent roofs or nearby buildings to keep your project in keeping with the surrounding area’s aesthetic.

The Decra Guarantee

Decra by Icopal sets the standard for quality and longevity in lightweight Metal Tile Roofing. Icopal manufacturer’s guarantee is a reassurance of their commitment to providing total confidence in the Decra® product range. 

The guarantee is independently insurance backed against failure to provide you with a watertight roof tile for a period of 40 years. Decra Tiles have an exemplary record of longevity and performance in use. 

In the very rare event of a valid claim being made against the guarantee, Icopal will ensure that the problem is rectified quickly and efficiently with the minimum of disruption to the occupier or client.

Decra tiles represent the future for modern housebuilding and refurbishment. Contact Bradford’s on 01935 845220 today for more information about Decra from Icopal for your next project.