Prepare for the bad weather: Batten down the hatches


The autumn and winter months might throw up some picture postcard scenes - golden leaves and snow-covered roofs - and the long, dark evenings may be perfect for snuggling up and getting cosy on the sofa, but the turn in the weather can be a nightmare around the home. As rain, wind, hail and snow batter the house and garden, you can easily find yourself with a big old DIY list on your hands.

Don’t panic! Our top tips below will help you prepare for the worst Mother Nature can throw at you.

Clear your gutter

1. Clear that guttering

Leaves can stop trains, just think what they’re doing to your guttering. Mulch can cause all manner of issues, particularly with the increased rainfall around this time of year. Be safe, not sorry. Grab your ladder, bucket and gloves and take a look at our handy DIY gutter cleaning guide. As well as cleaning, check for leaky joints and loose screws. High winds like the recent storms, Barney and Clodagh, can rip guttering off in no time.

Be prepared and repair your fence
2. Replace/Repair a fence

If you are heading into the autumn and winter months with a fence that has long seen better days, it might be time to think about replacing it with a new one before the stormy weather descends. If your fence comes down, there are tools and reinforcements that you can use to put it back up and reduce the risk that it will happen again.

Our advice? Think about installing concrete fence posts for added weight and security, while metal bolt down supports will help it stay steadfast.

Repair your roof tiles

3. I like to roof it

It’s not just fencing at risk in high winds, roof tiles are also susceptible. If anything flies loose, you will need to replace them as soon as possible. Tiles, ladders, battens and more can be found at Bradfords although we will say, roofing and tiling are not jobs for an amateur DIY-er. If in doubt, call an expert.

4. Pipe down

Winter is a time to get cosy and warm by the fire with a mug of hot chocolate, but water pipes and cold weather don’t get on at all. The risk of them freezing and bursting is high, and the last thing you want on Christmas Eve is a flooded kitchen. Don’t worry, just be prepared.

To avoid pipe troubles, make sure you regularly use your heating to ensure it is in working order, get your boiler serviced before the bad weather sets in and turn your water off if you go away anywhere so that there is no frozen water building up in the pipes. Check your lagging, particularly on tanks and pipes in loft spaces, repair dripping taps and

If you do encounter troubles, and pipes do burst, you’re going to need the right equipment. From plastic to copper piping and all the tools necessary to get the plumbing job done, Bradfords is more than prepared.

Snow can damage your property

5. Snow in spades

Okay, so the kids might be excited about getting a day or two off school, but you still likely need to get to work when the snow starts falling. Make sure you’re tooled up with an adequate shovel, and maybe some gloves too. You’ll have to provide the elbow grease yourself, though.

6. This is a warming

To keep the home warm and energy efficient, you might want to think about installing a wood burning stove. Not only are they a great focal point, they also have an excellent efficiency rating of between 66% and 86%. When compared with an open fire, which has about 32% efficiency, and a gas fire at around 20% to 50% efficiency, the benefits are huge. And who doesn’t want to keep as toasty as possible while the outside world is freezing?

Okay, so we can’t help you cook your family turkey or put up a tree, but get stocked up with Bradfords and you can be guaranteed any unwelcome surprises round the house are easily dealt with. 

Bradfords can help with your autumn and winter weather preparation. Take a look at our catalogue and make sure you are not caught out when the bad weather sets in.