Wooden Shelving: Our Favourite Ways to Build Your Own

Shelves are a great way of creating additional storage space or displaying books, ornaments and other items you love around your home. There are a huge range of options to choose to suit different spaces and décor styles but often budget can be a limiting factor, especially if you need something sturdy and dependable for heavier books or ornaments. With some timber, tools and a little imagination, you can build something truly unique for your home for a fraction of the cost – we’ve rounded up a few of our favourite ideas and how to guides below!

Wooden Display Bookcase
Photo Credit: whollyKao

This bookcase from Esther at whollyKao is designed to fit around specific books for an entirely custom solution. By measuring the books you wish to display and gluing together lengths of plywood to make them all stand at the same height, you can create an interesting book shelf for your home. Easy to make, find the full instructions here.

  Copper Pipe Shelving

Photo Credit: The Brick House

The shelving system above was put together by Morgan Satterfield at The Brick House. This solid, minimalistic creation has been built with timber, pipes and pipe fittings. With some patience, a drill, an appropriately sized hole borer, some timber (we’d recommend MDF or sawn timber, dependant on the size of shelf that you’re after) along with some copper tube and solder ring fittings, you can build something similar for your home.

Hanging Shelves

Photo Credit : a pair and a spare

Like the shelving unit above, these beautiful hanging shelves featured on a pair and a spare are fully customisable to suit your requirements. We think that using our polyhemp decking rope to put these shelves up could be used to create a nautical feel, making them ideal for a bathroom. The added bonus is that the polypropylene used to make the rope has high resistance to abrasion and was originally created to be weatherproof, so will be great in high moisture areas.

Ladder Shelf

Photo Credit: Burkatron

Caroline Burke has built her own ladder shelving after seeing some pre-assembled ones in Ikea. These shelves are fantastic for those limited on space as well as being cheap and easy to build. With some timber, a few woodscrews, a saw and a drill is all you need to get started with this project!

Floating Shelves

Photo Credit: Little House on the Corner

Christine of Little House on the Corner has provided these fantastic instructions for creating your own floating shelves.  Clean and simple, floating shelves are ideal because you can make them whatever size you need and you can have as many as you want – if you have an alcove to fill, as shown in the image above, great, but if not, you can fit one or two shelves in above a desk or over a bed. Again, you don’t need much to make these and it’s even cheaper if you have all the tools already! MDF was used to create the shelving shown above, and it’s perfect for painting to blend in with the rest of your room.

Tree Bookcase

Photo Credit: Pinterest

This tree bookcase is amazing and creates a real focal point for any room. The possibilities are endless as you can make this shelving as small or big as you like, and include as many branches as you have space for. The fun design makes it great for children’s bedrooms and we’ve found this how to guide over on Instructables. If you want to have a go yourself but aren’t convinced you’d find another use for a mitre saw, get in touch with your local tool hire branch here.

Have you seen anything you’d like to recreate but aren’t sure where to start? Give your local branch a call and one of our knowledgeable staff members will endeavour to help you. If you’ve completed a similar project that you’d like to see featured, let us know at ecommerce@bradfords.co.uk.

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