Why and When You Should Think About Gutter Cleaning


Gutter cleaning isn’t the first household job that springs to mind when ticking jobs off your list, but thanks to the English weather, regularly cleaning Gutters should be somewhere near the top. With the wet weather every April to blustery winds in October, it means you can’t afford to neglect your guttering. 

Cleaning gutters shouldn’t be a chore, and with the right tools and know-how it can be a job easily completed in a day or so. The cost of cleaning gutters greatly depends on what work needs doing, and what repairs need carrying out. 

Cleaning your gutter

Why should I clean my gutters? 

Over time, your gutters are likely to attract leaves and other debris, which can clog up the drainage system and lead to blockages and overflow. Regularly cleaning and maintaining your guttering ensures that overflowing gutters aren't responsible for water saturation in exterior walls, which, if left untreated, can turn into damp problems along the line.  

Overflowing gutters can also be responsible for exterior damage such as perishing woodwork, damp, mould, brickwork erosion and standing water around the foundation of your home. If blocked gutters aren’t fixed before winter, frozen water can weigh down parts of the gutter, causing damage to joints. 

Check for birds nests in your gutters  

When is best to clean my guttering? 

As with all home maintenance jobs, the time of year is key. Typically, you should be looking at twice a year – just before autumn, and again just before spring.  Cleaning out gutters in the autumn ensures that the debris collected is still dry and therefore easier to clean out, and should be part of your regular gutter

Spring is the perfect time to be thinking about gutter cleaning; if you leave cleaning out your guttering
until later in the year into summer, then there is the possibility of wildlife moving in and setting up home. Birds are the most likely culprits to nest in guttering, and once they have set up camp it’s very difficult (not to mention illegal) to move the nest. Check with your local council if you have a problem with nesting birds, or aim to prevent the situation completely by regularly cleaning out your gutters.   

Cleaning your gutter
Keep checking back for more tips and tricks about gutter cleaning, including fool-proof methods, essential safety checks and what to do if guttering needs replacing.