The Family Survival Guide To Christmas


Christmas Presents

Christmas is coming, the geese are getting fat. 
It’s time Bradfords shoppers put on their winter hat.
‘Cos you know it won’t be Christmas, without things gone askew,
And if you are not prepared for that, then no one can help you.

You have to love Christmas, that special time of year when family and friends get together to relax and enjoy each other’s’ company. Yeah right, pull the other one, it’s got bells on (yes, jingly ones). Anyone who has hosted a family Christmas knows it’s the most stressful time of the year and that all manner of mishaps can occur. Luckily Bradfords stock everything you might need to survive any Christmas Day disaster.


Let it Snow
When Christmas snow has fallen, 
And the kids are out to play,
There’s plenty to be broken,
In the path of wayward sleigh.

If it’s a white Christmas, the kids are going to be in the garden faster than you can say Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer. So throw on a nice warm pair of Roughneck Compression Boot Socks, grab your spade, and get out there to help them build the best darn snowman on the street. And if a sledge ends up going through the garden fence, well, a quick trip to Bradfords will provide the necessary tools to make it a quick fix.
Battery Bedlam
After mass unwrapping, on a frosty Christmas morn,
A sea of toys and gadgets lie neglected and forlorn,
As the designated fixer, they’re thrown in front of you,
In need of many a battery and removing every screw.

Inevitably you'll find yourself amongst a floor of abandoned and unwrapped toys on Christmas Day, all awaiting an endless supply of batteries. Rather than spend the morning slowly unscrewing the backs off toys (that will only be used for all of 5 minutes), grab your Milwaukee C12D. It will make light work of those pesky toys and get you back to sneaking a cheeky breakfast of Quality Street.

Christmas Socks

The Weather Outside is Frightful but the Fire is so delightful 
Christmas Time, Aunt Betty’s on the wine, 
Siblings, cousins and friends all round mine, 
With drinks getting spilled and kids running free, 
I predict a visit to Bradfords for me.

When it’s freezing outside, and everyone is gathered in the front room, there is nothing quite like a wood burning stove for keeping warm and cosy. If you are lucky enough to have one then one thing you don’t want is to run out of fuel. The Makita 2 Stroke Chainsaw makes collecting wood an easy and satisfying job, so there’s no excuse if the woodpile is getting low.

Don’t forget to also take a look at our surviving winter weather guide. Make sure the only surprises this Christmas are the presents and be prepared for anything.

Merry Christmas from the Team at Bradfords.