How easy is it to replace guttering?


We all now know why it’s important to clean our gutters, and we’ve looked at the methods of cleaning. But if you’ve got stuck into the job and discovered a problem, be it a broken joint or something more serious, how easy is it to replace guttering?

How easy is it to replace guttering? 

Small repairs such as leaks can often easily be fixed with sealant, or loose screws tightened. But if it’s time to replace the guttering altogether, it is certainly possible to do it yourself. It’s simply a case of removing the old gutters from the fascia board and replacing with a new length of guttering.

Plastic guttering is relatively easy to take down and replace, but some types of metal guttering are substantially heavier and harder to remove. You will definitely need to enlist the help of a friend to ensure you’re carrying out the job safely and efficiently.

This great video gives some useful insights on how to install guttering, the components you’ll need and what to consider before you start. Check out the comments for more useful tips. 

Installing a guttering system

Different Types of Guttering

Ed Finch, Bradfords Gutter Expert Ed Finch, Bradfords Guttering Expert

The type of guttering will be greatly varied depending on your property, but the majority of houses will have an open system, made of either plastic or metal. Metal finishes are more expensive than plastic guttering, but will last much longer. We spoke to our resident guttering expert, Ed Finch, to see the differences between the types of guttering:

Metal systems 

One of the biggest benefits of having a metal gutter system is that it is a lot stronger. Ed says, “if you live in a hard weather area such as in the North or you get a lot of snow or rain then a metal system will hold up a lot better than a plastic gutter”.  

There are a few different types of metal guttering on offer. Cast iron guttering is traditional and very strong, but it’s rarely used, except on heritage properties or listed buildings. It’s quite expensive and cumbersome too, so will need a professional to fit.

Aluminium gutters can also be expensive, but they have the benefit of being lighter and easier to install, and can be extruded in almost any shape and powder coated in a range of different colours. For the all the benefits of a metal guttering system but at an affordable price, Ed recommends galvanised gutters.

“Galvanised guttering is a nice step-up from plastic gutters, and offers a contemporary style and aesthetically pleasing feature which will really set off the best bits of your property.” The LinDab range is a high quality galvanised gutter system which is easy to install. Ed notes “just slot it in and fix it together, just like a plastic system. The joints have rubber seals, so there’s no need for sealant. Just fit it together like Lego!”   

Metal guttering system

Plastic systems 

If you’re not sure that the step up in price is for you and you don’t get a lot of snow in your area, then plastic gutters can be just as good. Plastic guttering is the system of choice for most. 

Round pipe and square profile guttering do the same job, but offer more of a choice on which style would best suit your property. We also offer the excellent foundry finish Hunter guttering, made from a high quality UPVC and finished with a unique coating to give the appearance of cast iron, but with the added benefit of being much simpler to install.  

For more information on the different types of guttering we stock, then don’t hesitate to contact us. Check back to our blog for the final installment of our guttering guide, and find out how to calculate how much guttering you will need if you’re looking to replace your system.