Cheap timber for home improvement projects


If you’re after cheap timber for your next interior design project, you’ll want to focus on getting value for your money. That means getting the best quality material to suit your budget. Prioritise between style, type, grade or finish. Once you know what the priority for your project is, you can look to make compromises and save yourself a penny or two.

To give an idea of how you can find cheap timber for home improvement, we’ve put together some money saving tips for a couple common projects.

Skirting, architrave and decorative mouldings

Finding cheap timber for skirting, architrave and other decorative mouldings is all about compromise. You’ll need to consider the style of your room and the purpose of the project. Skirting, for example, can be a necessity in some homes. But for others, it might be a decorative addition to the room. If you want a high-end look with unique profiles, hardwood skirting seems like the natural choice.

cheap timber MDF skirting

MDF skirting can be just as attractive as hardwood counterparts and there are plenty of profiles to choose from. Plus, it’s very easy to fit compared to softwood or hardwood skirting. The same goes for architrave. With decorative mouldings, in general, the cheapest options are the simplest. Our Bullnose profile redwood timber architrave is a simple, good value option for modern home décor.

Shelving and bookcases

Solid wood certainly has value and durability, but when it comes to shelving there are cheap timber options that perform just as well. Whether you want install decorative shelving for a few trinkets or a full bookcase for your hardbacks, there’s a cheaper alternative for you.

A few choices for cheap timber shelving materials are MDF boards, Chipboard and Plywood. These materials offer great value for money and, if constructed well, can hold a generous weight.

Chipboards are the most cost effective option of the three. They are commonly used for shelving, like our Melamine Faced White Shelving Chipboard.

cheap timber plywood

Plywood is a slightly stronger, more durable option. It is relatively inexpensive and can be easily painted or varnished to suit your style. Stronger still is MDF, or Medium Density Fibreboard, which is suitable for bookcases and cabinets. It can be a little more difficult to work with, but it’s still a cheaper alternative to solid wood.  

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