9 Ways to keep your house warm this winter

During the winter months, we tend to keep our lights on for longer and start to put the heating on when it gets cold. Unfortunately this means that we often see a hefty rise in the cost of our utility bills. If you want to take a bit more control and find the cheapest way to heat a house, try these top tips to help make your home more efficient.

How to keep your home warm this winter

If you’re in rented accommodation or looking for a quick fix:

1. Have you chosen the right curtains?

An easy and simple trick home insulation to help stop heat escaping from any room is to choose thicker curtains. This might sound obvious, but trust us, it works. If you have the option to have blinds under your curtains, you can keep warm without heating the room. If you have single glazed windows, it’s best to keep the curtains closed during cold weather. If you have a room that catches the sunlight during the day, another simple tip is to open your curtains and allow sunlight to shine in, but then close them after dusk to retain the heat.  

Have you chosen the right curtains?

2. Are you losing heat through the floor?

If the floor of your room isn’t carpeted, it’s often quite chilly in winter evenings. But don’t worry, there are simple solutions to keep your house warm. You can solve this by getting a large rug to prevent loss of heat through the floor, and save money on your energy consumption. If you have wooden floors then you might have a slightly larger gap underneath the door. Investing in door draft excluders to keep the chill out is always a good idea. 

Are you losing heat through the floor?

3. What lightbulbs should you be using?

Changing your lightbulbs to make sure they are energy efficient can save you money this winter. Although energy efficient bulbs cost slighter more to buy, they can last up to 100 times longer than a normal filament bulb. Newer energy efficient bulbs consume less electricity, to produce a brighter light, for longer! 

Energy efficient lightbulbs

4. Change suppliers 

You might well be paying too much for your energy supply. If you’re a tenant in a rented home and are responsible for paying the energy bills, you have the right to choose your own energy supplier. Find out how much energy you use from your current suppliers and then use a price comparison website, such as USwitch or MoneySavingExpert as they can help you to compare energy tariffs for electricity and gas. It’s easier than you think to swap suppliers and if you use USwitch, it only involves one phone call. Make sure you always do your meter readings on time, as these can help you pay only for the energy you use, rather than an estimated amount. This is definitely one of the best ways to keep your house warm for less!

Switch energy supplies

5. A great way to save electricity is to use timers

An easy way to save money is to use timers for your appliances and heating system. Timers are inexpensive and are easy to find in your local Bradfords branch. Find the appliances you use the most in your home, and identify when you use them. Some appliances like an answering machines use very little energy so won’t require a timer. Use timers on appliances that you use periodically but sometimes forget to turn off when they aren’t needed. For example, a bedside lamp or your TV. 

6. Give your radiator a boost 

There are two main tricks to improving the heat capacity of your radiator. The first is to put a metal reflective panel behind the radiator, some even recommend tinfoil, which reflects the heat back into the room. You can also buy radiator fans, which gently move the heat around the room more efficiently. 

Don’t forget, bleeding your radiators at least once a year is always worthwhile. If you don’t fancy the faff of bleeding the radiators, you can buy a radiator valve that will automatically bleed the radiator for you.

Give your radiator a boost

If you’re a homeowner, or have a bit more to spend…

7. Look into buying a new boiler

If your boiler has seen better days, it might be time to invest in a new one. Boilers account for over half the average home’s energy bills. There are a wide range of great eco energy saving boilers available now, but the best buys are often Combi boilers. These heat water as you need them, and don’t waste space with a hot water tank. For more information, take a look at this useful guide, or watch the video below from British Gas.

8. Is underfloor heating an option for you?

Underfloor heating can be used in ground floor rooms and means you don’t need radiators giving you a bit more space. Fitting underfloor heating can be costly if retrospectively fitting but if you’re looking to renovate, under floor heating might be a good option as it can be a more efficient way of heating a room. They come in a variety of forms, some use hot water and others use electricity to heat the room. Electric systems are easier to install, as they don’t require the floor height to be altered. See our range here.

9. Stop heat loss in key areas

If you have a bit more time, one of the best ways of saving money this winter is to insulate your loft. Stopping heat loss through the roof or walls is proven to be the best way to save you money, and will keep your home warmer for less. The next few blogs will go into more detail to really help you get to grips with insulation.

We hope you found this article useful! If you have any tips of your own, please get in touch and let us know. If you’re looking to make some changes this weekend, pop into your local Bradfords branch and chat to a member of staff, we’re always happy to help.