DIY crafts for kids this Easter


Spring is in full swing and it won’t be long before the Easter holidays are upon us. If you’re looking for some projects to keep the youngsters occupied, look no further than Bradfords Building Supplies. We’ve put together a list of DIY crafts for kids that you can try this Easter (and throughout the summer).

Build an outdoor playhouse

Whether you build from scratch or purchase a pre-built playhouse, your kids will love having their own special place outside to play and relax.

childrens playhouse

Our Parsley Cottage Wooden Children’s Playhouse provides a safe, fun place to play. The playhouse comes unpainted, so your child can paint it any colour they like.


Nice weather is the perfect excuse to get outside and get your hands dirty. Make gardening fun and eco-friendly by recycling old buckets, pots and pans, or constructing a flower bed from reclaimed timber.

gardening with kids

If they’re not into flowers, try planting fruit and vegetables or a small herb garden with your kids. They’ll love seeing the "fruits of their labour".

Get closer to wildlife

If you have a little animal-lover on your hands, why not encourage some wildlife into your garden? Build a simple bird house, butterfly table or hedgehog hut. Plywood works well for these types of projects, treated with weather-proof paint.

DIY hedgehog hut

Once you’ve hung or tucked the house away, you can provide a small water bowl and food like nuts and seeds for birds or cat biscuits for hedgehogs. Then, keep an eye out for visitors!

Play giant lawn games

Get kids out of the house and in the garden by creating bigger versions of their favourite games. With some square patio slabs, you can create giant draughts, tic-tac-toe, or hopscotch boards. Use coloured cushions or stones as games pieces and play until the sun goes down.

DIY lawn games

Photo credit: The Garden Glove

Put up a tipi

Tipis are a great alternative to playhouses and offer kids a shaded area to relax. The basic structure is typically made from four or more tall sticks or wooden posts. Once securely fixed into the ground, the posts are brought together at the tops and either nailed or tied. You can then wrap sheets around the posts, leaving an opening to crawl in and out.

DIY garden tipi

Photo credit: Kirsten Rickert

Or, why not make a living wall by wrapping wire fencing around the posts and planting climbing plants around the base. As they grow upwards, the tipi will become a cool, relaxing garden getaway.

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