Best garden sheds: Top 8 unique and innovative garden shed ideas


With summer just around the corner, we’ve put together a list of the best garden sheds featuring unique and innovative additions.

Whether you’re building a shed from scratch, or buying an outdoor building from Bradfords Building Supplies, there are plenty of garden shed ideas to upgrade your shed, no matter what your budget is. Remember before starting any project, make sure you have the correct planning permissions.

1. Create a garden pub

You can turn any shed, even our 6x3 Wooden Pent Wall Shed, into an outdoor serving station with a few modifications. Simply leave the glass out of the main window, add a bar to the outside wall and a worktop or shelving inside, and you have your very own garden pub!

2. Mix and match garden furniture

If you long for the patio or seating features of a summerhouse, but don’t have the budget, consider using a mix of sheds, pergolas or arbour seating for a cheaper alternative. Rather than a large summerhouse, add our Parisienne Arbour Garden Seat to a moderately-sized garden shed for a charming outdoor space.

3. Secret garden (shed)

garden shed idea hidden shed

With a trellis and plenty of vines or tall plants, you can cloak your shed and create the ultimate hideaway. Create a real woodland feel with a stone path and Garden Arch leading to your secret garden shed.

4. Go green

garden shed idea green roof

Green roofs are extremely popular in smaller gardens, allowing you to have both growing space and storage space. Because of their increasing popularity, you can get “Living Green Roof” kits at most home improvement retailers, but they’re also easy DIY projects. From grass and wildflowers to fruit and vegetables, the possibilities are endless.

5. Let there be light

Make your garden shed into a guest house, complete with all the creature comforts it needs. Sheds can be fitted with electricity and heat to keep them cosy, while the timber naturally absorbs and releases moisture. Consider insulating your roof and floor for additional warmth and energy efficiency.

6. Convert your shed into a sauna

garden shed idea sauna

Entertain friends and family or just get away from it all by creating an old-fashioned Finnish sauna out of a humble garden shed. All it needs is the right type of insulation, ventilation, wooden panelling and wood burning stove; turning your garden shed into an outdoor spa retreat.

7. Build a giant playhouse

If your kids are dreaming of their very own tree-house or outdoor play set, sheds make a great alternative. For the more experienced DIYer, you could construct a swing or play set off of your garden shed for the kids. All you’ll need is some extra timber and basic tools for the structure, along with rope and a seat for a DIY swing.

8. Create a stargazing deck

Turn your flat roof shed into a romantic stargazing top deck. The only structural addition you really need is a ladder for safe access onto the roof. If you’re feeling adventurous, why not build fitted loungers? Otherwise, roll out a blanket and just look up.

For more garden shed ideas, take a look at our ‘9 Interesting ideas for personalising your garden shed’ blog. See our full range of garden buildings and get all the products you need from Bradfords Building Supplies.