6 Great Garden Decking Ideas

With the hot weather last weekend and the arrival of longer evenings, we’ve been thinking about the best ways to make the most of our gardens this summer. Decking is a popular addition to many outdoor areas as it does not rely on good soil or regular mowing and it can be customised to fit into your garden regardless of the space you have available. With endless possibilities, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite 6 below and included our top tips for recreating the look at home!

Curved Decking

Curved Decking

So curved decking may be best left to the professionals, but we love the way that this decking contrasts against the angular edges of the house and conservatory. Decking is a great addition to the outside of a sunroom or conservatory as it extends the space outdoors creating the illusion of more space. Creating a non-rectangular deck is a great option if you don’t have a square or rectangular garden and with some careful planning and measuring it can be just as easy as DIY decking. Be sure to check out our beginner’s guide on how to do it yourself here.

Split Level Decking

Split Level Decking Platforms

Split level decking is ideal for smaller gardens as the separated areas give the appearance of additional space. Much easier than levelling a lawn, split levels can be created as separate platforms, making them an excellent choice for sloping gardens too. You do need to make sure you level off the ground under the frame, but this can be done with earth, a decent weed membrane and a layer of gravel and a split level deck will reduce the amount of earth and gravel you need.

Decking Decor

Decking Decor

Adding finishing touches to your decking can be almost as important as the decking itself. Whether you already have garden decking or you’re looking to build this summer, the image above features a couple of ways to make the most of your decked area. Tables and chairs ready for al fresco dining or drinks on deck are a great way to utilise your decking this summer. We can’t guarantee that you’ll always have the weather to enjoy it, but as soon as the sun shows its face you’ll be ready! Plants and flowers are an easy, inexpensive way to bring some colour to your decking. Have a look at our guide on upcycling planters here and make something truly unique for your garden decking.

Built in Deck Seating

Decking with Built in Seating

Photo Credit: Pinterest

We mentioned seating in the last point, but some people have built theirs into their decking. This is a fantastic low maintenance option, especially where space is a premium. The added bonus of built in seating is that you don’t have to worry about this happening when the winter brings in more challenging weather. The addition of outdoor cushions like these can provide a pop of colour as well as making the seating even more inviting – and when you’re done relaxing, all you need to do store them somewhere dry!

Decking Light

Decking Lights

Photo Credit: Homedit

Outdoor lighting lets you enjoy your garden for longer and these recessed decking spotlights are an incredibly sleek, stylish way to do it. If you’re a confident DIYer, all you need is a power source and some careful planning but if not then it may be best to call in the professionals! We love the sophisticated, luxurious feel that built in lighting can give decking, and think it creates a perfectly relaxed atmosphere for warm evenings.

Garden Storage

Decking Storage

Whilst the more observant among you will have noticed that this is a patio and not decking, the benches along-side are made of decking boards. These benches look great and provide a huge amount of seating in a relatively small garden without totally taking over the entire space. The best bit about the seats is that the tops lift up to provide storage. This is perfect if you have a smaller garden and don’t want to use up any of the precious space you have available with a shed! 

Your garden is an extension of your home and whatever the space or shape you have available, you can create something you really love. You can get everything you need to build your own decking here and if you’re looking for a garden project this summer, check out our gardening blog. Sign up to our mailing list and make sure you keep up to date with all of our offers and events.