How do I work out how much guttering I need?

Throughout this month we’ve had a look at why it’s important to clean out gutters, methods of cleaning, and how to replace guttering. But if you’ve decided to replace some or all of your gutter system, how can you figure out how much you need? In this final instalment we take a look at how to calculate the amount of guttering you need to buy. 

Installed gutter system
How do I figure out how much I need? 

So, you’ve thoroughly cleaned out your gutters, had a look at the state of what’s underneath all the debris, and have decided to replace some or all of your guttering. 

The first step is to determine what type of guttering you want to install on your property. We have looked previously at the different types and you might have a personal preference, as well as deciding what’s best for the type of weather in your area. 

If you’re unsure of which type to use, then this handy calculator from Hunter will calculate the area of your roof and give you an idea of which type is suitable for you. You’re going to need some dimensions of your roof – most importantly the length, width and height, as well as the angle of the pitch of your roof. 

What next?

Once you’ve got an idea of the dimensions of your roof and you’ve decided on the type of guttering you want to install, then simply pop in to your local Bradfords branch or give us a call to determine how much guttering you require. 

Ed Finch, Bradfords Gutter Expert  Ed Finch, Bradfords Guttering Expert

Our gutter expert Ed says, “If you’ve got a drawing of your property, or you’ve got some rough dimensions such as how long the roof line is and how many drops you need, bring them into a branch and we can work out exactly what you need and provide a rough estimate.”  

Staying safe

Before carrying out a job such as cleaning gutters or replacing parts of your guttering we’d always advise you to do your research, and plan the job properly. Ed adds “Working at height is probably the biggest challenge. You need to make sure the area you’re working in is safe – if you’re using a ladder make sure there’s two of you, and someone is holding the ladder. 

Health and safety is massive on this; it’s paramount above everything.”  

Be safe when installing guttering

If you’re looking to clean out your gutters this weekend, pop into your local Bradfords branch and chat to a member of staff, we’re always happy to help. We’ve also got an extensive range of products available online which we can deliver to your door, without the worry of ‘will it all fit in the car?’