Ulti-Mate Pozi Assorted Screw Case Pack of 1600

This great value selection box contains various sizes of the renowned and hugely versatile Ulti-Mate 2 High Performance Wood Screw. The Ulti-Mate II is the experts' choice when used with powered screwdrivers and provides excellent performance in softwoods, hardwoods, and MDF.

The Ulti-Mate Wood Screws feature the very latest in recess technology with a stick-fit recess allowing the driver bit to lock into position preventing 'cam out'. This stable drive system ensures that there is greater torque control, resulting in less recess damage and longer bit life. Ulti-Mate II screws also offer an optimal balance between quick and efficient driving, and screw strength. These screws have a reinforced double angle head, which is self countersinking and resistant to breakage.

Manufactured from tempered high quality steel for a thicker and stronger shank that holds securely in wall plugs. 

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    Brand: Ulti-mate

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