Spax Yellow T-Star Flat Countersunk Flooring Screws 4.5 x 60mm 300pk

SPAX T-STAR plus advanced flooring screws hold the boards securely in place and minimise creaking of floor structure. The unthreaded centre allows board to be pulled tightly to the structure and held in a vice-like grip.

• SPAX 4CUT point means no pre-drilling required for most woods

• Reduced splitting as the square end of the cutting point displaces the fibres

• SPAX ground serrations run up to the point for quick and secure fastening

• SPAX MULTI Head enables flush countersinking

• SPAX T-STAR plus head for secure bit grip, no cam-out effect, and optimal force transmission

• Zinc yellow passivated A2L corrosion-resistant coating


For secure fixing of flooring materials, in particular composite sheet flooring

    Size: 4.5
    Brand: Spax

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