Spax Yellow Pozi CSK 5.0 x 80mm Woodscrews Range 100pk

Spax countersunk Pozidriv woodscrews with 4-cut hardened point and zinc yellow passivated finish.
Suitable for use on all timber, MDF and chipboard. Quick and safe fastening with reduced driving torque (for more screwed connections per battery charge).

• SPAX 4CUT point means no pre-drilling required (wood-dependent), and reduces splitting as square end displaces the fibres
• SPAX ground serrations run up to the point for quick and secure fastening
• SPAX MULTI Head for clean and flush countersinking. Mills in wood and stops on metal
• Multifunctional interior applications
Full range of sizes from 5.0 x 12mm to 

Boxes of 100 and 200 screws

    Size: 5
    Brand: Spax

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