Spax Washer Head Wirox T Star Plus 6.0 x 80mmWoodscrews 24pk

Outstanding timber construction screw with wide overlying washer head.

o SPAX 4CUT point means no pre-drilling required, and reduces splitting as the square end displaces the fibres
o SPAX ground serrations run up to the point for quick and secure fastening
o Higher head traction forces than countersunk head screws and considerably reduced driving torque needed
o WIROX P3J surface offers extremely high protection against corrosion
o SPAX T-STAR plus head delivers secure bit grip, no cam-out effect & optimal force transmission


Ideal for timber construction and woodworking, including:

  • Attachment of counter-battens and wood based panels (e.g. suction-proof fastening of roof battens)
  • Attachment of the treads and risers to the string of stairways
  • Also approved for fastening rooftop insulation systems

Full range of sizes from 6.0 x 60mm to 6.0 to 300mm

    Size: 6
    Brand: Spax

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