Paslode Impulse 75 x 3.1mm RG HDGV Nails 1100pk

Highest quality rust proof nail. Ring shank with clipped head and diamond point for use with the Paslode IM350+ Gas Framing Nailer.

    • Suitable for a huge range of timber frame construction and panelling applications, including  joists, roof battening and decking, floor boarding, soffits, studwork, shuttering, cladding and overboarding
    • Hot dipped galvanised coated for use in outdoor applications
    • All Paslode nails are CE Marked, guaranteeing compliance with European regulations
    • Patented paper strip collation eliminates paper residue under the nail heads and prevents damage to nailer


75 x 3.1mm nails, 1100pk, includes 1 fuel cell

    Type: Nail Gun

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