Multikwik WP115 Compression Couplings White

Straight couplings for quick and easy compression jointing of plain ended 32mm and 40mm pipe.


  • 32mm (WP114)
  • 40mm (WP115)

Suitable for most pipe materials. Ideal for applications where maintenance is required


Part of the Multikwik Compression range of waste and sanitary fittings. Designed to offer reliability, simplicity and speed of installation, Multikwik fittings are compatible with most plumbing pipe sizes and materials.

• Manufactured from high quality materials to ensure a secure watertight joint

• All fittings have a smooth, clean, internal surface that will facilitate self-cleaning and avoid debris build-up

• Unique slip ring colour coding for quick and easy size identification on site (Blue 32mm, Red 40mm, White 50mm)


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