Marshalltown Trowel Red Durasoft Handle 280mm

Marshalltown 19 Series Philadelphia pattern trowel

    • Straight shouldered with a Durasoft handle
    • Blade manufactured from a single piece of high grade steel, tempered and taper ground with a straight post and carefully set handle angle
    • Handle securely attached with a polished steel ferrule

These trowels have been re-engineered and are produced on the most modern forging equipment available. Combines a strong impact area for extra durability, with a flexibility that produces the unique feel of Marshalltown trowels.

Durasoft handle incorporates an integral finger guard for protection against callouses, heat and cold.

Size. 280 x 140mm (11 x 5 ½”)

    Brand: Marshalltown
    Type: Trowel

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