Hunter S594 Soil Weathering Slate Angled 110mm

Aluminium weathering Slate (aluminium) with 457 x 457mm apron.

    • Angled for pitched roof installation
    • Suits 110mm soil pipe
    • For weatherproofing the soil stack when pipe passes through roof covering

Note: If needed, lubricate pipe with silicone lubricant so that you can slide weathering slate down over the pipe into position. Dress apron to suit roof covering profile. Ensure back of apron is supported to prevent sagging between rafters.

[See also alternative, Hunter Weathering Collar (36HS4GS358), to maintain watertight seal between pipe and traditional flashing]

Part of Hunter Pushfit and Solvent Soil systems, which include branches, bends, adaptors and boss fittings for maximum efficiency and versatility during installation. All products are manufactured to BS4514/BS EN1329.

    Diameter (mm): 110
    Colour: Aluminium

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