Fakro Window Insulation Set with Air Tight Collar 1140x1180mm

FAKRO Window Insulation Set with Air Tight Collar XDK (XDP+XDS)

Width: 1140mm - Height: 1180mm

FAKRO installation accessories guarantee quick and easy connection between the roof window and the roof construction. The FAKRO XDK insulation set comprises XDP insulating collars and XDS air-tight flashing which ensure the complete protection of a fitted roof window. The installation accessories reduce the risk of thermal bridging and guarantee the proper draining of any moisture around the window.

  • Thermal insulation material around the window protects against moisture.
  • Requires no cutting of battens.
  • - Can be used for any size of window.
  • Offers thermal insulation from moisture which can form on metal roof sections.
  • Air permeable underfelt collar.
  • Thermo insulating material.
  • Use in conjunction with main flashing kit.
    Manuf. Code: 838610

£60.86 inc VAT

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