Fakro Manual Venetian Blind 1140x1180mm Puce

FAKRO Manual Venetian Blind AJP I & II

This blind: 1140mm wide, 1180mm high and the colour is Puce

The FAKRO Manual Venetian Blind AJP protects from excessive heat from the sun, provides a decorative feature within the room and creates a pleasant interior environment. Aluminium runners along the sides create a fully functional light screen and enable rotation of the window when the blind is lowered.
  • Control direction and level of incoming light by altering angle of slats.
  • Position for partial window coverage.
  • Reduces excessive heat inside.
  • Provide privacy without significantly reducing natural light.
  • Two categories:
    • Standard - Price Group I.
    • Extended colour range - Price Group II
    Brand: Fakro
    Manuf.Code: 822910
    Height (mm): 1180
    Width (mm): 1140
    Colour: Puce
    Type: Manual Venetian

£111.07 inc VAT

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