Fakro Eco Right Hung Escape Window 660x980mm

FAKRO Right Side Hung Escape Window FWR

FAKRO right side opening roof window providing access to the roof either for maintenance or as a means of escape.

  • Manufactured from high quality close-grain vacuum - impregnated pine guaranteed to be knot-free.
  • Energy saving glazing units including U3 (U-value 1.0W/m2K) or safety laminated unit L3.
  • Gas piston to assist opening and to prevent slamming.
  • Open to 90°.
  • Suitable for pitches of 15°-55°.
  • 32dB acoustic performance.

* When ordering note to choose side hung opening option when viewed from the outside.
** Order Flashings specific to these windows – do not use standard Flashings.
    Brand: Fakro
    Manuf. Code: 873403
    Height (mm): 980
    Width (mm): 660
    Finish: Natural Pine
    Glazing: Energy Saving Double Glazed U3

£279.53 inc VAT

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