Fakro Awning Blind 1140x1400mm Blue Angel & Milk White Textured

FAKRO Awning Blind AMZ I & II

This blind: 1140mm wide, 1400mm high and the colour is Blue Angel & Milk White Textured

The FAKRO Awning Blind AMZ I provides optimal protection against room overheating. It absorbs solar radiation before it reaches the window glazing and emits the heat away from the room which constitutes much better protection from tiresome heat on sunny days. According to the tests carried out by FAKRO the awning blind is up to 8 times more effective protection against overheating when compared with internal blinds.
  • Installed on the outside of the window.
  • Protection from excessive brightness, whilst maintaining good overall levels of natural light.
  • Protection from harmful UV radiation.
  • Protection from harmful light reflection, especially important when working with computers.
  • Positioned outside, it does not reduce the glazing surface.
  • Effective shading of the interior even when the window is ajar.
  • When used in rainy weather, reduces noise of hailstones and rainfall.
  • AMZ awning blinds are available in two groups:
    • Group I - in four colours (with 10% relative fabric transparency).
    • Group II - in two colours (with 1% relative fabric transparency).
    Brand: Fakro
    Manuf.Code: 24911
    Height (mm): 1400
    Width (mm): 1140
    Colour: Blue Angel & Milk White Textured

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