Ceiling Pendant Light Fitting

This type of light fitting is designed for use on your ceilings.

This pendant light has a 3.5" plastic base covering which hides all the wiring and keeps the fitting neat and tidy.


  • Flex Length: 6" / 153mm
  • Base Diameter: 3.5" / 91mm
  • Base incorporates two "loop-in" earth terminals
  • Large capacity earth terminal with locking terminal screw
  • Wiring aperture in base with extra knock-out for ease of wiring
  • 0.75mm pendant flex heat resistant to BS6141
  • Spin-on cover with smooth cable entry for maximum protection of pendant conductor insulation
  • Eight “in-line” terminals all with captive screws
  • Manufactured to BS67 and BS EN 60598-2-1

Please consult the Part P Building Regulations before carrying out any electrical work.

For further infomation, visit the Planning Portal Government website.

    Amp: 6

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