Water Saving

The current issues regarding climate change make rainwater recycling and water saving systems an important consideration for any new build.

Rainwater recycling with the Envireau system - Klargester Environmental

This system collects rainwater from storage on the roof, filters out debris and stores it ready for use. When required water is pumped and filtered before using in the home e.g. flushing toilets and in the garden. The system will use mains water if rainwater supplies fall too low.


Sensorflow is an electronic washroom system using a central control unit to manage the economic delivery of water to washbasins, showers and urinals. A range of products are available with Sensorflow technology.

Bristan EcoHomes

Bristan EcoHomes balances environmental issues such as climate change, resource use and effects to wildlife with today's demands for high quality, safe and healthy home environment. In accordance with this philosophy, Bristan offer a range of flow limiters that will reduce water consumption, lowering harmful effects to the world's environment whilst also reducing running costs.

Raintrap - Rainwater Storage

RainTrap is the new, inexpensive underground rainwater storage and delivery system from the market leaders in rainwater harvesting.

The RainTrap will collect rainwater from the roof via the existing guttering and downpipe system on the property. The integral leaf filter will remove unwanted debris washed down from the roof thus ensuring good quality stored water. The system can be used all year round to water the garden, operate a sprinkler or wash the car.