Sustainable Development

Sustainable Building Products

In construction today and in the future our impact on the environment is of extreme importance. Sustainability is the use of sustainable materials and practises in building construction and refurbishment that promote environmental, social and economic gains for all. As well as being high on the governments agenda it is something that we at Bradfords retain as a priority in our business strategy.

What are the considerations for supplying sustainable products:
  • The features and benefits of the product to the environment
  • The way the product is produced
  • The distance the product has to travel from source to sales point
  • The use of construction tecniques local to the area
  • The employment of local businesses


Masterblock's Enviroblock range is a new generation of environmentally engineered building block products designed to meet the needs of today's society.

Produced from selected waste raw materials, manufactured in ISO 14001 compliant factories and certified by the BRE Environmental Profile Scheme, this comprehensive range of products enables architects and specifiers to design sustainable buildings with confidence.

Key Features :-
  • Enviroblock surpasses the generic product data within the Green Guide to Specification. Enviroblock is therefore setting new standards within the construction industry.
  • The Enviroblock range has exceeded the generic data within the Green Guide to Housing Specification, achieving an A rating for its traditional cavity wall specification.
  • The Enviroblock range can give additional credits towards both BREEAM and EcoHomes schemes.
  • The raw materials used within the product are specially selected for their environmental performance and the products comply with all European and UK technical standards.
  • Enviroblock provides a complete range of sustainable products assisting the specifer to achieve the highest rating in sustainable construction, without requiring any change in construction technique.
  • Enviroblock is manufactured by the Masterblock division of Aggregate Industries UK Ltd, to environmental standard ISO14001 and quality assurance ISO9001.
Reclaimed Bricks

We are able to offer a range of bricks subject to availability to complement almost any building project; old mortar on the brick faces and slight variations in size and shape only adds to their authenticity.

Lime Based Products

The use of lime for the repair of older buildings is essential to the continued existence of that structure, extending its life considerably, thus allowing future generations the full benefits and patronage of the very rich and varied history that is to be found in the superb built heritage of this Country.

Traditionally constructed buildings used materials such as stone, brick or cob in conjunction with permeable lime mortars and renders to rely on keeping out the weather. The way in which these mortars work is through their ability to absorb and release moisture, breathe and accept structural movement. Builders realised that by managing these phenomenons, rather than altering them, moisture could be kept under control in the vast majority of cases.

Lime Wash has been used to decorate and protect lime renders and plasters for centuries. Lime Paints offer a more durable finish whilst remaining 'breathable' and are suitable for a wide range of surfaces from plasterboard to block.

The range :-
  • Mature Lime Putty (high calcium lime)
  • Ready Mixed Lime Motars (non - hydraulic limes)
  • Lime Washes
  • Pigments
Roof Trusses

Roof trusses are engineered to exact tolerance from high quality, strength graded timbers and secured with steel nailplate connectors.


Posi-Joist is the most popular engineered metal web system offering the simple solution to the needs of the modern home, allowing services to be installed quicker, safer and easier.
I -Beams

Available to order through your local Bradfords Branch I Beams offer the following solutions :-
  • Increased joist spacings
  • Quicker installation time
  • Service holes easily cut or drilled
  • Eliminates shrinkage, twisting and warping
  • Spans greater distances than normal timber joists

SmartPly Orientated Strand Board (OSB) is an innovative, environmentally friendly timber based solution for structural and non-structural building applications.

SmartPly is an engineered wood product manufactured to European Standard EN 300. Its oriented wood flakes are coated with resins and compressed under high temperature, resulting in a load bearing panel that achieves a reliable distribution of strength, stiffness and spanning capacity along and across the board.

SmartPly products are used extensively as a cost-effective alternative to plywood by roofing and flooring contractors, timber-frame manufacturers, builders, shop fitters, civil engineers, exhibition contractors, and packaging and furniture manufacturers, amongst others.

SmartPly has no structural defects, such as knotholes and core voids. It cuts easily, will not delaminate, and can be nailed up to 10mm from the edge without splitting or breaking out.

SmartPly Europe supply two commercial grades of board:

SmartPly 3 OSB: load bearing panel suitable for structural use in humid conditions. It is ideal for applications as diverse as flooring, roofing, hoarding and timber-frame wall sheathing amongst others. SmartPly 3 meets the criteria of today's demanding construction standards such as BS7916:1998, BS5268 Part 2 and those set by the BBA and IAB. Its suitability for structural use is also recognised by Homebond, Local Authority Building Inspectors and the NHBC. SmartPly 3 panels form the bass of our range of value-added engineered wood products.

Ancon Low Thermal Conductivity Wall Ties

Wall Ties are an essential element in the strength and stability of cavity walls, but by crossing the cavity they act as a thermal bridge between the internal and external leaves. Generally speaking, the wider the insulated cavity, the more substantial the Wall Tie needs to be and the greater the effect the tie has on the U-value of the wall.

The challenge for the Wall Tie industry, set by the Government's ambitious energy efficiency targets, is to reduce the thermal conductivity of its products whilst continuing to meet the structural performance requirements of multi-storey and wide cavity construction.

Ancon has met this challenge with a range of low conductivity wall ties.

The range includes the BBA-approved, basalt fibre, Ancon TeploTie which suits cavities from 50mm to 300mm.

Bat Boxes

Forticrete's boxes have been designed to be fitted to your property easily. Suitable for new build construction or renovation work where there is a requirement to provide a habitat for Pipistrelle bats.

  • Conventional cast stone front face.
  • Backed with high grade plywood which is sawn and roughened internally to provide a haven for bats.
  • Maintenance free due to the bottom entrance.
  • Available from Forticrete's 'Stone in Stock' range.
  • Bespoke boxes can be designed and made for any application.
Swift Boxes

Attractive swift boxes can be easily fitted to your property. Swifts come to the UK for each summer from Central and Southern Africa. Despite legal protection their numbers are declining. Since Roman times they have been at home in traditional man-made buildings. However they find it increasingly difficult to find nest sites in modern or refurbished buildings due to the effective sealing of the eaves.

The Forticrete Swift Box has been developed to be used in new build construction or renovation work where there is a requirement to provide a habitat for birds.

  • Made of cast stone but is hollow in order to provide a haven for birds to nest in.
  • Available from Forticrete's 'Stone in Stock' range.
  • Bespoke boxes can be designed and made for any application.