Roofing and Drainage


Cedar shingles and shakes

Roofing and cladding materials made from cedar wood are a highly practical, sustainable and economic solution. Shingles and shakes are produced from the waste products of the sawn timber industry or from fallen trees. Cedar possesses excellent resistance to weather conditions and offers a high degree of insulation.

Natural Slate

Slate roofing provides a natural and attractive finish to any building.

Second-hand Roofing materials 

We stock a variety of second hand roofing tiles and slates; please contact our Roofing Department at Yeovil for more details.

Icopal Green Roofs

A Green Roof can be anywhere from ground level, usually with an underground car park beneath, to a residential or commercial roof many storeys high.

Icopal Green Roofs give you a unique combination of benefits:

Minimum roof loading: All systems feature a specialist growing substrate called Fytocell which is typically one-third of the weight of light top soil, allowing a Green Roof to be established on a lower load bearing structure, reducing build costs.

Integrity of waterproofing interfaces - the waterproofing of adjacent elements, such as podium decks, is treated as part of one integrated waterproofing plan.

Single source of supply - our 'seamless' approach helps eliminate the fragmentation and divided responsibility can affect some Green Roof projects.

A single waterproofing guarantee of up to 20 years covers the entire installation.

Rainwater systems and Drainage

Bradfords provide a range of clay, cast iron and steel rainwater systems providing a naturally durable and long lasting alternative to plastic systems.

The sewerage treatments systems available encourage natural breakdown of waste for homes without mains drainage.

Cast Iron Rainwater Systems

Cast iron guttering and pipe systems provide a natural alternative to manmade plastic. Unlike plastic guttering and piping, iron is naturally durable, with no twisting due to temperature changes or damage from inclement weather. This makes it a sustainable alternative, eliminating unnecessary replacement or waste, and being a natural product iron is 100% recyclable. Efficient channelling of rainwater also allows for improved opportunities to recycle. Cast iron preserves the historical look of older buildings thus ‘sustaining’ architectural heritage.

Lindab Steel Rainwater Systems

This steel rainwater system has far greater durability and strength than plastic; the core is galvanised, given a passive coating, primed and Plastisol coated to give excellent protection from the elements. Its construction ensures that it is rust resistant. It is available in a choice of colours including metallic options. Rainline is more durable than plastic, lighter and less expensive than cast iron or aluminium and easy to install.

Now in stock at a number of Branches - please contact us for details.

Biodisc Sewerage Treatment System and Reed Bed Effluent Treatment - Klargester Environmental

The Biodisc is designed for homes without mains drainage, where discharge is to sub-surface irrigation or a water course, or where a septic tank will not meet the required standards. Its design encourages completely natural breakdown of waste and it is constructed from corrosion free materials. The effluent produced will meet the demands of Environment Agency regulations and it meets Building Regulations stipulating the avoidance of overflow of a soak away.

To further treat domestic effluent after initial treatment by Biodisc, the Reed bed system will improve effluent discharge quality by at least 50% and will reduce the amount of phosphates in the discharge. It is a natural filtration process where discharge passes through a container of water reeds.