Energy Saving

Bradfords provide a range of energy saving products from tubular rooflights, to Solar Heating and energy systems, to naturally produced insulation.

Velux Sun Tunnel

Many houses have bathrooms, hallways and other rooms where daylight only enters when you open the door. Dim and dark, these rooms are unwelcoming places until you turn on the light. 

Now that has all changed. 

VELUX Sun Tunnel signals the end of dim and dismal spaces in the home. VELUX Sun Tunnel brings natural light into even the darkest and most isolated spaces through a specially designed tunnel from roof to ceiling. 

Owing to the dark-coloured, flat, square frame and flashing in polyurethane and its clear and robust glass, the VELUX Sun tunnel goes well with any roof, in the same style as VELUX roof windows.

The attractive and discreet ceiling diffuser unit with its acrylic pane melts into the ceiling, spreading a soft and restful light throughout the room. The tunnel between the roof and the diffuser is 35 cm in diameter and takes up a minimum of space in the loft. 

Insulation - Thermafleece

Sheep’s Wool Insulation – Thermafleece – Second Nature UK Ltd Thermafleece is a natural home insulation material that uses the blended wool of British hill sheep. It is breathable so can absorb moisture with no loss of thermal efficiency, keeping the house warm in winter and cool in summer.

The production of Thermafleece takes considerably less energy than is required to produce glass fibre insulation. It is completely safe to handle and will remain effective for the life of the building, and is then biodegradable and recyclable. Thermafleece is treated with a natural fire–proofing agent and is also treated to protect against mould and insects.

Insulation - Thermafleece PB20

Thermafleece PB20 is as a lower density, compressed roll insulation that is easy to handle and install in confined spaces such as lofts. Thermafleece PB20 contains a lower quantity of wool than Thermafleece (60% compared to 85%). 

Because Thermafleece PB20 is compress packed, it is necessary to incorporate a proportion of recycled polyester fibres to ensure the insulation regains its full thickness when un-rolled. Compressing the rolls by approximately 60% significantly reduces the impact of transporting the finished product and nearly halves the required storage space for the same volume of insulation.

PB20 has a thermal conductivity of 0.039 W/mK and is available in roll form in widths of 370mm and 570mm to enable quick and easy installation. Each roll contains a single 5.3m length of insulation and is available in a thickness of 55mm, 70mm and 100mm

Insulation - Superglass Multi- Roll 44

Multi-roll 44 is a mineral wool roll which is lightweight , flexible , resillent and non-combustable.

It is available in a range of thicknesses and may be split into any of four widths as required. 

It is CFC and HCFC free , wil not rot , degrade or sustain vermin ,will not encourage the growth of mould, bacteria or fungi and can be described as non-hygroscopic.

Insulation - Rockwool 

Rockwool Roll is a medium density multi-application insulation mat. This versatile Roll is suitable for thermal insulation of roof spaces in domestic, commercial and industrial buildings. It is also useful for improving the acoustic performance of suspended ceilings. Roll is produced in 1200mm width.

The packaging provides cutting guidelines should the product be required in 400mm or 600mm widths. By cutting through the product with a long serrated blade, this will ensure the material can be cut to the desired widths. Alternatively, Rollbatt is supplied pre-cut to 400mm (x3) or 600mm (x2) widths